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Behind The Lens

My dogs and I love to go on nature walks and snap various photos. Well I snap photos, the dogs try their hardest to be in the shot when I don't want them to, and nowhere to be found when I want a picture. I have an obsession with moss; especially right after a watering. It gets so vibrant! This was taken on a tree, outside my apartment complex, Kingsgate in Camillus NY.
This was taken at 3:30pm. As this photo was being snapped, my dogs both decided they were going to run in opposite directions. Which caused me to move as I was capturing. I was so happy to see the photo was still good quality. It's a little blurry, but I think it adds depth!
The sun was perfectly placed facing the tree. Perfectly illuminating the tiny forest.
Don't judge, ???? galaxy 22+.
I love moss so much. Its so beautiful! It's kinda cool to me that this particular version of moss looks like trees, and it's growing on a tree.
Yes, I adjusted a few levels, increasing the brightness, highlights, shadows, saturation.
In my camera bag
Many years ago, I was very into photography. In high-school my last 3 years was pretty much based solely around my photography. As I grew older, many times I heard people say the typical struggling artist statements. Eventually I became less vibrant. I felt like I needed to change my focus in order to be sucessful. I carried around a cannon DSLR camera. 2 kinds of tripods, batteries, SD cards, and various style flashlights. Now its just me, my dogs and my phone. As im falling back in love with myself and my art, I really want to get some more equipment. Hopefully soon!
Just keep snapping, there is beauty in everything.

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