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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Penfield Beach in Fairfield, CT, USA
I love to see a good sunrise. It involves waking up early, usually around 5 am. to allow enough time to get everything ready and travel time to the shore line, which takes about 20 minutes. I have photographed the sunrise in a nearby location, but since moving to this town, I wanted to try it here. I have learned that the sun rises over the water in the winter. It was a chilly 25 degrees Fahrenheit on this early March morning. The shot was taken at 6:35 am.
Although the sky and water are bright, the foreground can be dark, so I experiment with different angles, lenses and settings.
I used a Nikon D 3500 with a Nikon 10-20 mm lens set at 15mm ISO 800
I wanted to photograph the sunrise in a new location. Even with using an app that forecasts the weather conditions at sunrise, I have been disappointed before when the conditions turned out not to be favorable. So I keep going as the conditions are different every time. This turned out to be a good day to photograph the sunrise.
I lightened the image and highlighted the colors.
In my camera bag
I carry the Nikon D3500 with a variety of lenses depending what I am photographing. A standard Nikon 18 to 15mm, a Tamron 18 to 200 mmm or a Tamron 18 to 400 and a Tamron G2 150 to 600mm lens. I also carry a lens ball, extra batteries and memory cards. I will also throw in my CanonSX 710 HS
If I am planning on photographing the sunrise, I always check the weather forecast the day before, and I look at the sky in the morning before heading out. I have also photographed the sunrise from the lake or the woods.

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