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AndreMAC Feb 11
Profile Pro😊
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thedesigner Feb 11
Thank you
beautiful girl and vision....
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thedesigner Feb 12
Thank you
munecito Feb 14
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thedesigner Feb 23
Definitely Julia
Taoskitty PRO+
Taoskitty Feb 22
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thedesigner Feb 23
Thank you!
Taoskitty PRO+
Taoskitty Feb 23
A penny?...
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Behind The Lens

This specific photo was taken in a London Hotel that I use quite often.
This photo was taken early afternoon. This was the first time I had met Julia so by the afternoon we were both very relaxed. Most of my the photos that I am really happy with seem to be taken in the afternoon.
The bed was facing the window and the afternoon sun was a wellcome help. this was further enhanced by a 200w halogen light in a softbox. As the saying goes "Light is the photographers friend". In this case I pointed the softbox upwards and backwards to partially bounce the light of the ceiling to further soften the light behind her.
This shot was taken on a Canon 1DX Mk III with the fantastic Canon 85mm 1.2f lens. A 200w halogen light with a softbox, as mentioned above. Light wasn't really an issue as I enjoy shooting aperture wide open. The Canon 1DX mk III is a masterpiece but when coupled up with the huge Canon 85mm 1.2f prime lens, it lives up to a portrait photographers dream. The only issue is that the cameras autofocus can get to good and lock on a hair rather that the eye, especially if the model moves. The focus joystick was working overtime that day!
This was taken during a fashion editorial shoot. Her pose at the time was perfect for a close up portrait shot. Julia is a true professional model and posed the whole time. In this shot it was between two poses which shows in the photo with that wry smile.
I'll be honest and say for this shot my camera was misbehaving and gave a strange colour cast. I corrected it in Photoshop but left the green tinge which actually helps the photo stand out. I brightened the hair near the back which helps the photo have depth. With the camera/lens combo not much needed doing.
In my camera bag
I have my trusty Canon 1DX Mk III, bombproof and perfectly weighted. Canon 70-200m 2.8f lens, perfect piece of lesnwear and built to deliver. Canon 85mm 1.2 lens, a true heavyweight, a Canon 28-70 2.8f mk2 and a Canon nifty fifty 1.8. On this occasion as it was an inside location shoot I also had 2 x 200w halogen studio lights with diffusers. Masking tape to keep things in place, bulldog clips to hold back the clothes. Oh! some Jaffa cakes for the model and a bottle of water. When shooting outside I usually stick to one lens on the Canon 1DX Mk III and disposable hand warmers for the model as I try to travel lightweight even if the long white lens on a 1DX stands out like a sore thumb!
Get close to the model even though the lens is intrusive but a professional model should have no issues. Move around slightly to get that perfect angle on the model and always be aware of the background. Talk to the model when you see 'that' pose, don't be shy to say 'hold that pose while you make the final corrections. Oh! If are lucky enough to have a Canon 85mm 1.2f be ready to shoot a lot of out of focus images but persevere as you will get some amazing soft out of focus areas which Photoshop can not replicate.

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