vivijo May 08, 2016
My gosh! As it downloaded in stages I thought it was taking off from a branch, and was impressed, but no, it's holding a fish!!! Wonderful.
B1RD May 08, 2016
Thank you, however you have some superb bat and bird images also!
Bannekh May 21, 2016
Nice shot
Degreat_us May 27, 2016
Really amazing photo love your other photos too. Great shot and shots... thanks for sharing. You should have a watermark or copy rights to these gorgeous pics.
MaryAnne306 June 16, 2016
Amazing photo! Both beautiful and informative. Congratulations on being a finalist!
santoshpatanaik July 11, 2016
Breathtaking !
ReneeBlake July 11, 2016
Amazing capture ! Congrats !
KrysalisPhotography July 12, 2016
Awesome capture!
Nazareth July 12, 2016
excellent - Can i ask which lens you used? Fantastic capture- well done
clarissaolivier July 12, 2016
Just amazing, What a photo, congratulations.
annharris July 13, 2016
Wow Wow Wow! Fabulous!
kurtheindrickmeder July 13, 2016
Fantastic Shot !
Angels74 October 12, 2016
Awesome capture ... beautiful!!!
timsridharan January 01, 2017
gorgeous. vted
vjose January 20, 2017
DDelaplain March 28, 2017
Difficult shot. Nice use of the backdrop. I too thought it had a branch then realized it had a gar fish or eel. Nice sharp image.
JamesNealDiver April 02, 2017
Cracking image.
GigiJim08 April 04, 2017
Fantastic capture. Very great hunter. can i have it? Congratulations on your award!
gonefishnmuskie September 03, 2017
OMG No words.
vickivikram September 16, 2017
Perfect timing
FredericMONIN September 19, 2017
Great capture !!!
Kosmotheoros September 19, 2017
Fantastic shot!!
kathyk_abq September 19, 2017
Wow! What an amazing capture! Great details!
darrellgillenwater September 19, 2017
Awesome capture
lulu2 September 20, 2017
Fantastic shot,captured nature at its very best, magnificent
mangesh20 September 20, 2017
Just brilliant. I have no words. Keep up the good work !!
catherinemelvin September 29, 2017
Wonderful capture! Seems not only does this magnificent bird have a fish, seems like the fish has him, and he looks surprised as well!LOL! it's what I see anyway! congrats!
PEIPhotography October 01, 2017
I like this photo
kathymuhle November 14, 2017
Fantastic shot - looks like the fish is trying to take a bit of the tail. Congrats on your finalist win!
johnstahl Jan 14
What type of fish

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