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MargaretMika February 23, 2016
I am a Copricorn. I love wolves and your photos ! Super !
BassPhoto February 28, 2016
nice shot
Saturn617 July 02, 2016
Absolutely amazing photo!
EricCoulombe September 07, 2016
Congratulations for your award. Well deserve, for this beautiful image and the many others you have!
catherinethompson October 15, 2016
Brilliant capture. Expression and those teeth!!!
Chele July 29, 2017
Mspower Feb 05
Awesome picture
mimitinkel Jun 07
I looooove wolves! I want to be reïncarnated as a wolf! Since a year of two finally have a wolf in Belgium too. Her name is Nala. Last year she was joined by a male and recently she became a mother. There is no footage of the pups yet, but hopefully soon. I am VERY excited about this. BEAUTIFUL pictures of the wolves. Where are they taken?

Yawning Wolf

Wolves Vulnerable to Contagious Yawning
Wolves Vulnerable to Contagious Yawning
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