We Love Mom Photo Contest 2019

We Love Mom Photo Contest

Win Canon 5D MK III or Nikon D5300

Old woman is lying with three baby dolls in bed and talking on the phone with a laugh
Found this lovely (pun intended) potato.
Mare and her week old foal photographed by  Melody Pepper at Clover Hill Stable
© Natural fotografie by Tamara Nederkoorn
I had a baby shoot and wanted to give the family something to never forget about how precious and small  their daughter was.
brownie muffins
Salinas grandes, Jujuy, Argentina. June 2016.
Spaces in time series.
I waited almost an year to do this shot. I just needed a perfect clean sky, a len
A family of wild Canada Lynx resting in the snow in Northwest, BC, Canada.
As a Gentoo Penguin chick wakes up from a nap, its parent bends over for a feeding.
A Chinstrap Penguin cares for its chicks on a rookery above Orne Harbor along the Antarctic Peninsula.
Mother and young daughter. Unconditional love.
A monochrome portrait of a flower seller on the Island of madeira.
Childhood dreams
My love...
Serengeti Africa 2008
Our Daughter Violeta - 28 weeks
DSC_3995 Bear 6 Alaska 2018
3 month old twin babies and mama in a colorful floral milk bath. Heaven on earth!
An egret and its new family look out over their nest at the rookery in St. Augustine's Alligator Farm in Florida.
Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work :)

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A family of elephants posing at a water hole in South Africa.
Free Macaque baby drying on mommy's back after a nice bath.
Sony a6300
ISO 100
Sony18-105 - 73mm
Winter walk
My wife.Colleen calming our son Milss.
Brady and Meghan.
A mother's kiss can make anyone smile.
A baby bonnet macaque finds refuge in its mothers arms.
Kisses from a little one are the sweetest
Work hard

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