Witmar December 31, 2016
wonderful picture
hernaley February 27, 2017
enricowitte February 27, 2017
Great shot Well done
FredericMONIN February 27, 2017
Superb shot !!
Forrest_Imagery February 27, 2017
Outstanding, what an amazing shot !

The point of view and use a wide angle lens has me feeling like I'm about to be fish food.
The colors, and lighting with the sunburst penetrating the depths are fantastic.
Thanks for showing us an unique view into our underwater world that the vast majority of the population has never experienced for themselves.
Pamelabole April 23, 2017
Wonderful capture!!!! I feel like I am there!!! Congrats on being a contest finalist!!!!!!
: )
rachellmiller April 23, 2017
Wow, that is an awesome shot. I love you pov. The colors are amazing.
sergeycrocitto April 27, 2017
Neckbone May 03, 2017
That's some big lips! Nice capture!
LisaZachImages October 08, 2017
Wow! That is a phenomenal photo!
iverjohnson Mar 13
Great shot! Consider joining the challenge on my profile for marine life?
ricrog Nov 30
Cool photo!
ricrog Nov 30
A Masterpiece !

More from garybrennand

Oct, 2016

Open Wide

Wally the Napoleon Wrasse taken on the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia.

I used a Nikon D300 in an Aquatica housing with two Sea & Sea YS110 strobes. For this wide angle shot i used a Tokina 10-17mm lens.

Camera set to manual mode with these setting:

ISO - 400
Aperture - f/16
Shutter speed - 1/200

Submitted to Photo Contests


Won Contest Finalist in We Love Animals Photo ContestMarch, 2017
Won Staff FavoriteDecember, 2016


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Absolute Masterpiece
Magnificent Capture
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New Community Member Photo Contest Vol 31 Top 10 class