RuwanFonseka January 11, 2016
Excellent timing and colour
Workshopphotos January 11, 2016
Wow, you caught it. Great job. Amazing photo
bhendron January 12, 2016
This is amazing. I can't even get my head around how you captured this.
wallrus July 01, 2016
I was puzzled too, so I did a little digging. Still a great shot but this takes a bit of the magic out of it. You set up a tank with the fish below a Kingfisher perch, construct a "blind" and wait. I wanted to include the url but it won't let me "kingfisher fish picture trick". It's an article in the
Inspire4More January 13, 2016
Superb what a magic shot!
HuyHo January 13, 2016
Thank you guys, I lost my inspiration recently but this help XD
Kajameraimages February 05, 2016
This is one of the best shots I've seen! colour, sharpness, action! Brilliant!!
Sweesh April 10, 2016
i just keep coming back to look this image! That is a wonderful job you have done! Magnificent capture. Best shot of a kingfisher that i have seen!
cenksarvan June 29, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
cenksarvan June 29, 2016
Witmar June 29, 2016
amazing shot
hemasaran June 29, 2016
Fabulous capture. The colors are so beautiful and the sharpness achieved, absolutely breathtaking shot.
BrianBasson June 29, 2016
Phenomenal photo
kgarrett11 June 29, 2016
An unbelievable catch by both the bird and you
Dureha June 30, 2016
Amazing!!!! Shot of a lifetime
HuyHo June 30, 2016
Thank you all!! :">
pietnel June 30, 2016
Amazing gorgeous image brilliant camera work
ingeseverinsen June 30, 2016
This is impressive, the vaste majority of superlatives is already been used on this wonderful image ...
lynntaylor July 01, 2016
Fantastic shot, you had to have been in the water??
solomonjayapuram July 01, 2016
Where was the photographer when he took the shot, "underwater"?.
wallrus July 01, 2016
An impossible shot, yet there it is. Great job!!!!!
michaelakrempelhoward July 01, 2016
I know how much patience it take - but this shot is off the ringer!
markymark59 July 10, 2016
great photo i love it,but i suspect this was not done in the wild but the old tank trick but still a great shot.
traceybryant July 31, 2016
jollyk1 August 10, 2016
Stunnung picture!
_Nikki_Aurora_ August 11, 2016
Superb... Amazing shot, Awesome...
Witmar August 14, 2016
Amazing picture!!!
CLShadow August 31, 2016
Absolutely brilliant. Stunning photo. You have some great skill!
Stee_Simons September 03, 2016
Even though this must have been taken in a controlled setting, there are still so many variables out of your control. Ultimately this is a magnificent image capture!
iamsome1sangel November 24, 2016
stunning capture
MLundberg1 December 04, 2016
Patient person! :-) well done!
johnmatthews January 12, 2017
Amazing capture
lillgullhav February 13, 2017
Amazing ??
robvanderpoel February 20, 2017
One of my favorite!
danmoran March 28, 2017
Simply amazing!
Pamelabole March 28, 2017
Amazing capture!
Rafaphoto March 29, 2017
Capturing the moment. Magnificent
oytungral March 29, 2017
simonoldfield_6277 March 29, 2017
Really great capture
kimpiriemilko April 23, 2017
jacquiscott_2559 April 24, 2017
Wow that's amazing
PAULRAFIEI May 01, 2017
ashleysowter May 06, 2017
Absolute Genius. Perfect capture. Congratulations on an amazing image
vitor May 19, 2017
Remarkable masterpiece!
guznickart August 06, 2017
indeed great capture, i'm working on the same image for over 2 years now, and still now image, but in september i'm going to continue, i know how hard it is !!! wonderful
guznickart August 06, 2017
can you send in private ? how did you get the background so dark ?
Alfredo_Jose November 10, 2017
Excellent capture!
Alfredo_Jose November 10, 2017
Excellent capture!
nyanastoica December 03, 2017
Awesome shot!
shaunwalker_2883 December 18, 2017
???? wow amazing
Kerro Jan 15
Awesome. Your timing is excellent.
Alwolfe Feb 08
Alkenvaz Mar 02
Amazing shot! I love it!
Perfect Shot!
What a beautiful, dramatic capture!
Witold Apr 27
Best of the best. Wooow!
SueDela Apr 27
How do you guy's get these incredible shots? Just amazing!
I have no buisnes entering these contests lol sheesh!
bobtoye Apr 28
Astounding image!
jopa_1030 May 03
absolutely amazing!

More from HuyHo

Jan, 2016

Death from Above

He's been watching, he's been impatience, he's been hungry the whole time; the King Fisher shoot himself from the branch where he had been looking at his prey, he was not planing on missing it.

After one steep dive, with amazing speed and ability, the King Fisher piece right through the head of his lunch. By immediately opening up his wings, he lowered his speed. The King Fisher then swim up to the surface and fly away, enjoying his meal.

The photo was taken during the "brake" he made in order to reduce his momentum.

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