ReneeBlake November 15, 2014
Fantastic !!!
Roy_Burkhart_III November 24, 2014
Amazing !!! The kind of family portrait every photographer should wish to take !!!
kevinsawyerphotography December 03, 2014
Fantastic capture ... and great lighting! Brilliant!
ktruluck December 05, 2014
Adorable moment, I love the lighting!
kathymuhle December 07, 2014
Fantastic everything - voted Dogs vs Cats
AshLynn45 December 24, 2014
I LOVE this.
BrunoHeeb January 17, 2015
stunning shot
AlanJakarta January 22, 2015
Marvelous image. Congratulations on being Featured.
satishv January 22, 2015
wow.....this is amazing pic.
brettallen January 22, 2015
Amazing shot - timing on the sunset, dog running... awesome
akhtarkhan January 22, 2015
An interesting outdoor fun & action family capture. Congrats on the feature.
lindaschalekamp January 22, 2015
I love this picture! And I love Bassets.
Barniegoog January 22, 2015
I love the expression that you have captured on the dogs face, great work.
justkim1106 January 22, 2015
Wow. Such an amazing point of view and great action shot of the little dog running.
Celtic January 22, 2015
this is a great shot!! Congrats!
Celtic January 22, 2015
this a great shot!! Congrats!!
CLCoker January 22, 2015
Love this! Simple and captivating! Congratulations on your feature and thank you for sharing this wonderful photograph!
mandarose January 22, 2015
Congratulations! So very well deserved - I think it is perfect :)
catini January 22, 2015
Great DOF, congrats on your feature!
iceman2 January 22, 2015
Beautiful selected focus capture.Congrats!
pranay_arolkar January 22, 2015
Fantastic , Great ,Inspiring, Excellent, your gallery is Great work of Art..... Congratulations for being featured....
crystalcollins January 22, 2015
Oh i love this, its amazing
TeddyChan January 22, 2015
Excellent shot ^^
chuckrickman January 22, 2015
Excellent. Love the smile on Daisy's face. Congrats on being featured.
JeffBach January 22, 2015
What a great thought! Talk about great timing AND somehow getting a dog to do this while everything else is waiting on it. Perfect....
isstoossay January 22, 2015
Awesome- absolutely made my day! We once had a Beagle named Daisy and she had such a personality!
SandraLynn January 22, 2015
Wonderful shot and a true winner. Congrats. ❤️❤️
vanessamarie_7372 January 22, 2015
SabrinaCausey January 22, 2015
This is just greatness!!
SusiStroud January 22, 2015
Fantastic Capture!!! Congrats on your feature.
Stinkyzen January 22, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique.
Stinkyzen January 22, 2015
Awesome shot great dimensions
michaelkovler January 22, 2015
masterstouch January 22, 2015
Love it!
EmmaG_Photography January 22, 2015
That is so epic! Looks amazing, nice job
Capture-Life January 22, 2015
Aawww hehehe.. this is jus toooo precious!!! :):) I love your photography, and i looove this road you often capture so perfectly!!! :):)
minutes2memory January 22, 2015
Love it!
kelseypauline January 22, 2015
aw super cute! amazing quality photo as well
WileKyK January 22, 2015
Fantastic color palette and composition. Congratulations on your Feature!
Casper January 23, 2015
ashrafmansour January 23, 2015
Amazing shot :)
jorgepenedo January 23, 2015
Fantastic... Congratulations
michaelcrookes January 23, 2015
Love it!
Sumo January 24, 2015
Brilliant DoF - the lady appears to be enjoying it as much as me. Well done !
urleeza January 25, 2015
i absolutely love this photo. the dog in motion…great shot…
iNKPOETRY January 29, 2015
If I could give you every award on here I would! This one is fantastic!
karenspics January 31, 2015
This makes me smile......fur babies are so joyfull!
senka February 02, 2015
great shot
debbie_packer February 03, 2015
This is a fabulous photo!
theshawnamiller February 04, 2015
This shot is incredible!
HeathDomanPhotography February 17, 2015
Awesome shot
DarkStarPhoto February 20, 2015
LucyLoo February 21, 2015
Sheer Genius :-D
vojce February 26, 2015
amazing, bravo
sugarmagphoto February 27, 2015
This just made my day a little bit better. Wonderful shot!!
PhotoRobert March 01, 2015
I love this. Such an unusual element. Made me stop dead in my tracks. Lovely image.
joyparker March 02, 2015
pauladubin March 05, 2015
What a shot speaks for itself. Unconditional love.
MissKris March 06, 2015
Perfect. :)
Jeronimooo March 08, 2015
Absolutely wonderful!!
CPF_Photography March 24, 2015
A depth of field that is astonishing especially considering the movement that is happening, awesome work
KellieMyka March 29, 2015
kellymarquardt April 16, 2015
This is way cool
kathyk_abq April 29, 2015
Such joy!
cassiecollinsborcherding April 29, 2015
love this!
cassiecollinsborcherding April 29, 2015
this would be great for the come to me contest
kanizkhan April 30, 2015
What a fantastic composition!
johnpauley May 01, 2015
Fun shot! Great color, composition, & clarity! Well timed! Thanks for sharing
BrieL May 04, 2015
Love this! What a great moment.
Quigley May 15, 2015
Love it!
renakaymcguire May 18, 2015
I love this so much!!!!!!
p_eileenbaltz June 01, 2015
KTSFLOCK June 03, 2015
What an awesome photo!!!
Angel1957 June 16, 2015
As a amateur photographer and dog lover this is an outstanding shot. It says so much! It brought a little light to my day and a smile on my face.
You got to love'em.
Workshopphotos June 25, 2015
Wow, amazing. Totally awesome.
StefaninLA July 01, 2015
what a great photo:)
prashant_sharma July 03, 2015
nice capture
diane_hallam_4401 July 05, 2015
great family shot :)
FernandoSalazari July 28, 2015
Wow, what a beautiful photo. Excelent!!!
Blackprince July 31, 2015
Best Photo of the day
micanthony_photography August 05, 2015
Love this! :)
renakaymcguire August 17, 2015
This is such an amazing shot. I bet this family was stoked about this one. It makes me feel something. Love it.
chrisbrundle August 23, 2015
Maui-Up-Close September 04, 2015
absolutely fabulous shot!
conniefisher_3790 September 18, 2015
amazing !!! Wow !
marnie333 September 18, 2015
Awesome depth of field!
thunderlake September 23, 2015
Such a great shot - very unusual and different - love it!
binodmathews January 07, 2016
Lovely !!
mariajaneknight March 09, 2016
This is awesome!
Witmar October 05, 2016
wonderful picture
tkholm March 29, 2017
great work! fantastic captured as well!
TomfCyrus April 09, 2017
Nice one. Love it!!
rachellmiller April 23, 2017
The absolutely best family photo ever. Stunning colors. Perfect timing.

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