victorruiz December 14, 2016
victorruiz December 14, 2016
martymartin December 14, 2016
Stunning. Welcome to Viewbug
blunder December 14, 2016
Excellent shot. You are so lucky to be able to swim with them.
Mel001 December 14, 2016
Brilliant shot.
tropicala December 15, 2016
WOW ! Excellent shot. Where is it ?
JenelleM December 15, 2016
love the photo do you have two accounts ?? same photo came up in my curate page this one and other one 2 different names though both have sage in name ?? threw me a tad,
Witmar December 15, 2016
good shot
DarwinsBloodhound December 15, 2016
The same picture is submitted by two different Avatars
Federer1 December 16, 2016
quite simply=superb!
Joepiler December 16, 2016
great shot!
Henryt71 December 18, 2016
moniqueelferink December 19, 2016
Lovely shot! and a very lucky find
maureenrueffer June 07, 2017
That's awesome
Incredible capture!!
ND007 Jan 07
Great depth of field...fantastic composition!!
Katnott Jan 14
Such a cool photo!!
you should join my "between lakes and oceans" challenge...
just sayin

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Oct, 2016

The world below the surface

We all have days that don't go the way we want them to. Life definitely throws it challenges at us. But it's important not to dwell on that, it's always good to realize the positives. For instance my car got towed today, but on the bright side I was swimming with these guys when it happened

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