Inspire4More September 28, 2015
Fantastic work love everything about this image!
AntonioMarchetti October 22, 2015
nice work !!
rikpost October 22, 2015
Beautiful colors (very unusual, but great) and a sublime composition.
pauljackson_4080 November 03, 2015
what a gorgeous image - nice capture
JohnWaldronImages November 05, 2015
Congratulations on your win in Meditation Places! Well deserved!
JhansenRM November 05, 2015
Congratulations on winning Meditation Places contest. I agree with the judges.
CWphotos5 November 05, 2015
Sublime capture...I can feel the stillness here. Congratulations!
Joanna101 November 05, 2015
Ahhh... peace. This is an amazing photo.
Simpleton November 05, 2015
Truly brilliant and exceptional quality photography! Well-thought-out composition. However, I would beg to disagree to this being a meditation place that would make one feel at peace. I would feel the exact opposite, and would be apprehensive about whatever entities might be lurking in the unknown, near-zero-visibility surroundings. But the image evokes emotions indeed. Thank you for the inspiration.
Meliinda November 06, 2015
Such a beautiful photo, I could look at it for hours!
nandicmb November 06, 2015
Congratulations on all your wins!
cmorisset November 06, 2015
Magnificent composition. Bravo!
ksmsmn November 09, 2015
Perfect timing!
eunanana November 15, 2015
Love the colours, the mist and the layers of clouds that show through it. Great photo.
smshaffer November 21, 2015
Deedles January 25, 2016
Gorgeous image. So moody. So simple and yet so beautiful!
barbaramillesrobinson April 13, 2016
Stunning! Congratulations on your awards!
Alfredo_Jose June 06, 2017
Excellent work, pure art!
znikon June 13, 2017
MaryAnne306 June 15, 2017
Excellent composition and lovely execution! Congratulations on your awards!
shastamcfunky October 25, 2017
Your work is amazing!

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Sep, 2015

In the mist

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