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Teen Portrait Photography

For this contest, we invite you to share your best teen portraits. Teenagers enjoy capturing their youth through photographs, and taking teen portraits is a creative way to do just that. From classic poses in the studio to candid captures on the street, teens have the opportunity to explore a range of photographic options. Studio settings provide the privacy and control to set up the perfect portrait backdrop or composition, while incognito shots often reveal more natural expression and surprise during candid moments. Exploring different types of photography can help capture a variety of memories and emotions, creating portfolio pieces that can last for years.

Teen Portraits Photo Tips

Taking portrait photos of teenagers can be daunting, especially when you consider how quickly they can change. To obtain the best photographs of this age group, it's important to establish trust and a sense of comfort. Start by talking to the teenager—ask them questions that will help make them feel understood and relaxed in front of the camera. If possible, take photos while they participate in activities they enjoy, as these often yield more natural smiles and expressions. Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative during the session. Incorporate bright colors and fun props if that is something your teen subject is interested in. By taking your time and exploring what makes them unique, you'll ensure gorgeous photos that show their personalities at their very best.

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Teen Portraits Photo Contest
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Teen Portraits Photo Contest

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Teenage Portraits FAQs

What are the best photography teenage competitions?
With the rise of digital photography, teenagers have more opportunities to showcase their creative eyes. VIEWBUG offers the best photo contests for teens and teen portraiture. Many photography competitions specifically organized for teens offer aspiring photographers a platform to submit work and compete with people of similar enthusiasm and talent. The best teenage photography competitions focus on creativity and technical flair and usually promote youth involvement in art by offering high-profile awards, such as recognition from renowned galleries, events, or even scholarships for higher education.

How do you get into VIEWBUG’s youth photography contest?
Taking part in this teenage portrait contest is easy and fun! First, make sure your photos meet the criteria to participate as outlined on our website. Once that is taken care of, you can start working on your entry. Submit a creative piece of photography that follows the theme, and submit your best teenage portraits.

Is VIEWBUG's teenage photo contest worth it?

VIEWBUG's teenage photo contests offer a great opportunity for teenagers to show off their eye for photography and have their work recognized among the best. Participating in these competitions is a valuable way to break into the photography industry, as it can open doors to internships, job opportunities, and even education grants in the field. Not only does participating provide personal recognition, but it also gives teens the chance to learn from other photographers as well as hone their skills by taking constructive criticism from experienced artists.

Teen Portraits Photo Contest
Renee Robyn
Canadian born and raised, Renee's career started out years ago in the modelling world. Years later she's swapped sides of the lens. Her style has developed into an ethereal combination of fact and fiction, Merging together expertly shot photographs of unique and interesting subjects with hours of meticulous retouching in Photoshop to create easily recognizable imagery that is both stunning and distinctively her own. She currently teaches workshops around the world
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What photos should I share in this contest?
Share your best teen portraits photos
When is the last day to participate?
What is the total value of the prize?
The total prize value is $300 plus the bragging rights. Prizes are delivered through Amazon and cash prizes are sent via Paypal.
How many submissions are there in the contest?
There are 2,675 submissions.
What happens with the ownership of the photo I share in the contest?
You always maintain all the rights to your photos. By entering the contest you accept VIEWBUG's terms of use. AI generated images are not elegible to win.
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