andrea_bc December 29, 2017
Great capture, love how it looks almost like you can feel the texture of the deer's nose and antlers. Brilliant.
BrianpSlade December 29, 2017
I'm knocked sideways to have won the exposure bundle award...Thank you. I would also like to thank all the other finalists as in my opinion, you are all winners...Brian P Slade Dec 2017.
kellumbear December 29, 2017
WOW! How close were you for this shot? Congrats on your victory!
roseyposeu December 29, 2017
What a gorgeous shot!! I am breathless at how beautiful this shot is. Good work!
surendrachaturvedi December 30, 2017
Congrats.It's a lovely photo
Alfredo_Jose Jan 17
Truly stunning! Bravo!

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Oct, 2017

Fallow Deer In Portrait

Fallow Deer are a widespread species of Deer in Britain. Originally from the Mediterranean and middle east, these Deer were spread across Europe by the Romans and introduced to British parks and forests by the Normans in the 11th century.

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Won Extensive Exposure BundleDecember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Social Exposure Photo Contest Vol 12December, 2017

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