Bruz March 02, 2015
What a great shot Cher. Even the detail in the snow is tack sharp.
SunQueen March 02, 2015
They are too cute to shot with anything other then a camera .
CanadianOutlaw March 02, 2015
That's so cute !
NanaSue54 March 02, 2015
PERFECT shot Cher!!! :)
malijohn March 02, 2015
Fantastic shot! Superb clarity. Sharp as a tack.
Chrism March 02, 2015
LOL you crack me up :)) This is so cute. And I didn't know they lived in burrows! You learn something new every day :)
SunQueen March 02, 2015
You don't need any encouragement . GREAT FARM SQUIRREL CHER
Flosno March 02, 2015 the pic AND the "story line".....he's even got a star in his eye
KenBrakefield March 03, 2015
Oh wow. This is so cool Love the pose. Very sharp and clear. One of your best.
terryc March 03, 2015
What a great close-up!!
SnowbunnyPhotography March 05, 2015
OMG....I love this! He looks so cold too! hahaha! :-) I think this is my new favorite of yours....hard to pick have SO many good ones. You da best Cher! haha! :-)
Kazza60 March 06, 2015
and plenty of helpers .. LOL .. love it Cher !!
pegleg March 07, 2015
defo a super good shot love it
sweetpea72 March 09, 2015
Awww I wanna give him a sweat shirt... adorable!! I miss mine, I havent seen them in a week "(
malread March 15, 2015
Fantastic image, great detail well done.
Flosno September 20, 2015
Gorgeous entry...voted
oldgreybeard January 20, 2016
How did you talk him into that pose?
That is a great capture.
eelcovanroden February 25, 2016
Excellent! The colors are great, snow is difficult, well done!
leckie45 July 07, 2016
Love the detail here ... he is so cute :)
JDLifeshots January 22, 2017
Awesome capture! Voted Animals in Winter.
mihrt January 25, 2017
Voted Animals in Winter Challenge Cher.......this is one of the best shots of a Squirrel I've seen - the Winter atmosphere and the twigs really add to the shot. This will look great printed out Cher! Wish I'd seen it sooner.
kathyk_abq February 21, 2017
What an adorable shot, Cher! :)
estercastillo08 April 23, 2017
Awesome, voted Wildlife in The Snow
tmtburke August 10, 2017
Great image, well done on your win.
mihrt September 18, 2017
CONGRATS on being Winner in Squirrels Photo Challenge - August 2017 !!!!
adavies October 01, 2017
Omg...LOVE this! Awesome capture, Cher! Such great detail...and what an adorable little pose! So sweet! :)

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Ms. Christine (SunQueen) dared me and well I take a dare, sometimes, and I am going to this time. So here goes ....

CANADIAN SQUIRREL ...used on farms to till the soil, trim the flowers and plants. Cheap labour will work for peanuts ...

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