jleiweke August 11, 2013
Krishna_Kumar August 11, 2013
Beautiful shot! Congrats on being featured.
Dmullanephotography August 11, 2013
Nice shot
diporzio August 11, 2013
intense picture
Pamentos August 11, 2013
SUPERB composition...love the fact that there's hardly any editing - GREAT job!
BriZ August 11, 2013
Wonderful capture! Congrats on being featured.
AlanJakarta August 11, 2013
Terrific shot which is well suited to mono. Congratulations on being featured.
tetvet August 11, 2013
kevinadams August 11, 2013
Great picture
GBloniarz August 11, 2013
Greatness to this! Congrats!
cherrib August 11, 2013
Many good wishes, this is just heartening ~ Thank you for starting my day well ~
WileKyK August 11, 2013
Congratulations! Great shot.
SusiStroud August 11, 2013
Great shot!!! Congratulations on your Feature!
Marian August 11, 2013
Excellent compo!!!!Congrats on your feature!!
matravers August 11, 2013
Congrats lovely B&W image.
williamjames August 11, 2013
Many thanks for all the nice comment.
LCdutch August 11, 2013
Great story here. Feeling of being in a good coffee house with great jazz. Larry
iceman2 August 11, 2013
Excellent B&W capture.Congrats!
bhaguchou August 11, 2013
beautiful shoot!!!
An-D August 11, 2013
This is a gorgeous portrait. Sharp, emotive and beautifully detailed. The choice of black and white in this shot adds a great deal of depth to it as well. Great job!
princessdi6305 August 11, 2013
Awesome capture, congrats!!
redwriter August 11, 2013
Great b/w image. Congrats. - Jake
Brymk4 August 11, 2013
Awesome b&w shot.....congrats, you should check out mine!
bongke August 11, 2013
I feel its emotion while playing the instrument... congrats on your featured photo! :)
sjokvist August 12, 2013
Great shot! Great lighting! I love everything about it.
msmike2012 August 12, 2013
Wow! Great shot!!
Tainia_Finlay August 13, 2013
Outstanding! Exceptional tonal range, love it! Congrats on your award William!!
WayneRoss August 16, 2013
Fine comp!
Wonderful work.. The emotion of playing an instrument captured!
barriemarshall August 16, 2013
That's the Guitarist in my band, he also plays brass instruments, great shot.
williamjames August 16, 2013
Taken at the jazz weekend outside the platform.
antonioprincipato August 17, 2013
Very beautiful portrait!!!
JacquelineMGrange August 17, 2013
Well done! Great expression, framing and choice of contrasty black and white effect.
Fabbia August 18, 2013
Great photo.
povilas_vilutis August 20, 2013
loving this
Gyurci August 21, 2013
Great capture, nice composition!
normg123 August 24, 2013
Fine composition, detail in the shadows, sharpness everywhere. All in all a great print.
carlotaandrade August 27, 2013
Great POV and the contrast is really cool!
francescorusso August 29, 2013
fabs September 04, 2013
cool shot! congrats
sipanhota September 22, 2013
Tomek November 18, 2013
A masterpiece! Brilliant detail and composition, love it!
SarahKeates November 19, 2013
Great shot, wonderful composition and lighting!
rabbottbrailey November 19, 2013
Great shot. FYI: my mother's uncle's cousin was George Chisholm - if you know anything about trombonists, that will mean something. Also, my wife's Godson is named William James ......
onyanita January 07, 2014
brilliant work!
texaaronpueschel February 03, 2014
The essence of cool is shown in the superb contrast in light and dark.
texaaronpueschel July 11, 2014
Pablo-Polo December 21, 2014
bella composizione.scelta eccellente.ottimo lavoro
dawnyounger January 12, 2015
stunner of a capture
DanushiaDee January 25, 2015
Sharp image; beautiful B&W composition . . . makes me want to meet this man!
muscularchristian January 26, 2015
you can hear him playing B/W really works here strong story
morriskleyman September 01, 2015
Great portrait!
BACarroll February 03, 2016
Great composition ! Lots of emotion and very interesting.
JimmySunshine October 17, 2016
Great Image - Fantastic Contrast

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Jul, 2013

The trombone

Performer playing the trombone at an outdoor jazz festival in Morecambe.

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