InBillsEyes-Photography March 17, 2015
Not close enough Steph, need to see the people living inside those little holes working on their Sunflower gardens...jk... Congratulations on your new lens ,hve fun with it. I know you will..hint ,hint, :):)B
WVHillbilly March 17, 2015
If I could make a wish....I would wish to see many more of these like this it my friend...
Esilva77 March 17, 2015
Superb and great macro lens Steph:))*
SunQueen March 17, 2015
This is my favourite the centre has a 3D look to it
RAPJones March 17, 2015
Beautiful detail and composition! :))
Great color too...
Wizzard March 18, 2015
Fabulous work,Steph! That new glass is paying dividends already!!
nornots March 18, 2015
Great shot, I am very happy for you. New worlds await you. For beautiful words, speak from the heart....
robhansen March 18, 2015
Wonderful composition!! Love that detail!! You will use this new lens to the fullest .. I'm sure of it. Gr8 image, You have developed your skills well . : )
hotpixel March 18, 2015
Superb macro, Stephanie !! You're gonna LOVE your new lens :)
SquareLife March 18, 2015
rkrings2 March 18, 2015
Holly Macro Dimples.... Shoot some bugs next???
JulesB March 18, 2015
So crisp, clean and detailed.....I think you've just managed to boost macro lens sales with this presentation. I'm sure it's encouraging for those who don't already own a macro lens (like me) you've planted the seed.
MarcyK March 18, 2015
Perfection! There's no stopping you now! I can't wait to see what else you do with your new lens!!!!!
VHiggins March 18, 2015
looks like you are rocking that new lens! love it!
DonTX March 18, 2015
Wow!!! These are fantastic... Your work with the kit lenses were great! There's no stopping you now! :)
Kazza60 March 18, 2015
awesome work .. great lens choice
KayBrewer March 18, 2015
send some of these east, would you?
and don't you love that macro? it works magic!! mine does - -
malread March 18, 2015
Awesome Macro, great work Steph, perfect.
erickgarza March 18, 2015
great shot !!!!!
melissabuss March 18, 2015
Best dandelion photo I have ever seen.
Wildslater March 20, 2015
You make me crazy! LOL Nice shot!
jessicarose April 07, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!this is beautiful
traceprinslooreppin April 17, 2015
...superb image Steph...loving the detail and colour tones...this is beautiful :-)
gondmagdi April 23, 2015
Stunning close up !
GigiJim08 May 12, 2015
Voted macro galore!
UnkleFrank May 18, 2015
Nicely composed and capture. congrats on a most deserving award.
carolcardillo May 18, 2015
Yay, Steph! Congrats on being a Finalist! Wonderful work (as always)!
mountainman70 May 18, 2015
hey congrats on the macro finalist - work well done and recognitions well deserved - very light approach to an oft photographed dandy - u did it proud
JeffreyA May 18, 2015
Hey congrats on being a finalist!!! That is so awesome. Well deserved!
potterpals May 18, 2015
Congrats on your finalist, Steph. Awesome work with your new lens!
Inspire4More May 19, 2015
Congrats hun amazing image you have my vote xx
KayBrewer May 19, 2015
Yea, girlfriend!!! Finalist in Macro Galore! You go, girl!
BrunoHeeb May 19, 2015
stunning shot ,love it
RAPJones May 19, 2015
Congratulations Steph!! xox
Still has beautiful detail and composition... Top banana!! :))
lizziemellis May 19, 2015
Congratulations Steph on your contest finalist award ..well deserved:-)
estercastillo08 May 24, 2015
Congratualations!Steph on your win, well deserve, ester
GigiJim08 May 26, 2015
Hahaha Likewise, CONGRATULATIONS to you to hun.
ovosphotography May 27, 2015
well done!
texaaronpueschel May 27, 2015
Very good shot.
CanadianOutlaw June 01, 2015
Wicked shot , congrats on the award !
murphey June 12, 2015
Gorgeous and congrats on being a finalist Steph !
VHiggins June 12, 2015
beautiful! congratulations!
cmsimon June 12, 2015
congratulations, great photo
Parallel June 12, 2015
My congratulations!
onyanita June 12, 2015
congrat on another Finalist Award...well deserved!
Capture-Life June 12, 2015
WOW! what a pleasant surprise!! thank you SOO much everyone for the Congrats comments/messages !! and Thank you SO much to the judges for putting me in with all the other ahhmazing finalists !! :):) ❤
timmc June 13, 2015
Congratulations on making finalist. What a great shot!
estercastillo08 June 25, 2015
Congrtas on being a finalist
rmr731 July 22, 2015
KatieMcKinneyPhotography September 01, 2015
NICE!!! Beautiful shot! :)
robhansen December 17, 2015
Congrats !! A true winner!! beautiful edit : ): )
KatieMcKinneyPhotography December 17, 2015
Congratulations steph on winning people's choice in my challenge "Incredible Detail" ...what a fantastic shot and so fitting for the challenge! Enjoy your new award, well deserved! -Katie
SuzMDixon December 17, 2015
Hey! Congratulations on your award! Fab shot!!
joycealicesmith December 17, 2015
Wow!!! Incredible! I can't wait to be able to get a macro lens! I still have to do the cheap way too...with kit lens and macro filters...LOL. But I'll eventually get there. Congrats on your People's Choice!
Kazza60 December 17, 2015
congrats on the peoples choice in the Incredible detail Challenge .. it is awesome
Arzhtatiana March 18, 2017
Nice macro!
YvonneJeaK June 11, 2017
Amazing. Voted in the Shallow Depth Of Field Photo Contest
Cbries June 15, 2017
Fantastic congrats on your contest finalist award:)
GigiJim08 June 20, 2017
This represents your beauty. Congratulations again on your award!
Kazza60 June 26, 2017
congrats Stef .. well done on the finalist award :)
JayneBug Jun 07
A true masterpiece. Thank you for joining my challenge.

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Mar, 2015

Surreal . . . ツ

I finally splurged and got myself a <b>true</b> Macro lens!! <b>ALL</b> of the previous macros in my gallery, the dragon faces, the dandies, the flowers, my eye shots, etc . . . all of them were either taken with my wonderful Nikon Point and Shoot and/or my Canon Rebels with a <b>kit lens and some cheap tubes</b>.
I\'ve never used a true 1:1 macro lens! <b>I\'m STOKED</b> .. the last three <b>Dandy</b> shots were taken today (after work) with my very first and own Macro Lens !!! :):):):) I bought the Canon <b>100mm L lens</b>
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