heikebartkowiak October 03, 2015
what a face, great shot in blackandwhite
RussElkins October 07, 2015
My favorite of all your images!
JDLifeshots November 09, 2015
Great portrait shot! Congrats.
ghphotouk November 10, 2015
Take a moment, look at the harsh life she has lead, see the wrinkled and sagging skin, the hair, limp, framing her face, then look, really look and see something truely beautiful, see the eyes, bright alive, full of life, truely stunning, look a little deeper and there is amazing beauty in everything, and this image captures that perfectly, I love this, and yes she is beautiful, we should all see it, she is someones mother, someones child, and the eyes still bright show it.
peterczerner November 27, 2015
"She" has had? This person is male. Look at all the stubble. It is a stunning shot none the less.
Shane136 November 13, 2015
sonjamargueriterauh November 18, 2015
Love the character of face lines and eyes .
marnie333 December 01, 2015
A lifetime in a photograph! Amazing!
johnknopf December 10, 2015
Unreal! Great Shot!
timothyporter December 14, 2015
DavidLeeJudson January 21, 2016
swimmer73 September 03, 2016
your work is amazing, I think my favorite. thank you for showing your work
CharlieV November 19, 2016
Love this image
Just-Agnes January 04, 2017
Superb b/w I love it and it's a great choise for a portrait of some one with many rinckels.
Such character in that face! Wonderful photo of a real person who has weathered life!

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