michaeltillman August 04, 2014
Is it real; or is it Memorex? This is a really great shot. I love it. Congrats on the Featured!
AlanJakarta August 04, 2014
Great shot of Madison. Congratulations on being Featured.
akhtarkhan August 04, 2014
Cool blue, awesome capture. Congrats on the feature.
catini August 04, 2014
Great composition and tonality, congrats on your feature!
Bruz August 04, 2014
Beautiful model and shot. Congrats on the feature.
iceman2 August 04, 2014
Beautiful shot.Congrats!
prabhatjourno August 04, 2014
Everybody said what I had to. It's very impressive indeed.
Capture-Life August 04, 2014
Goooorgeous .. love the blue too ! :):) Congrats !!!
vojce August 04, 2014
goober20101 August 04, 2014
congratulations on your feature
sweetpea72 August 04, 2014
beautiful...Congrats! ")
gondmagdi August 04, 2014
awesome shot, congratulations !
SusiStroud August 04, 2014
Great Shot! Congrats on your Feature.
idadue August 04, 2014
amazing!!!and congrats on the feature
bbk August 04, 2014
Very creative.Well done.Congrats on feature!!!
DavidFreire August 04, 2014
My favorite blue
RominaItalia August 04, 2014
Gorgeous and unreal! Beautiful colors and contrast! Congratulations on being featured.
Blue-Maddness August 05, 2014
fotogalmexican August 05, 2014
4315 August 06, 2014
very very beautiful
Morten_Iversen August 07, 2014
Good shoot!
BruceTighe August 07, 2014
nicely done!
e_pedroche December 14, 2014
This photo stands out! Voted again. Good luck!!
stan_matsui January 19, 2015
Stunning use of cool tones and the tasteful gold accents! Congratulations on your Featured award!
I_capture_U February 09, 2015
wow, is she an avatar? hehe
that's a great shot :)
love this one
SuperT22 April 29, 2015
interesting shot here
souravdebnath June 15, 2015
awesome ... great job ...
garota88 July 09, 2015
I love the bluish tint of the model's skin. Nice effect. Filter?
ShifraG July 22, 2015
Stunning work!!!!
samet7 August 01, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
andybutler1974 September 12, 2015
Do you do photoshop tutorials on youtube??? i watched one just a few days ago and this was the photo they used ?
rejeanbrandt September 30, 2015
Hi there, I haven't done any tutorial on this photo yet. Do you mind sharing where you found this photo being used in a tutorial? Thank you!

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