etrodden September 22, 2017
This somehow channels Paul Newman for me, that's a compliment. Thank you for sharing your story in the description.
DavidMBuckwalter September 25, 2017
Thank you very much!
Imperfection606 December 25, 2017
The concept behind this developement is extremely interesting to me and I was immediately drawn to it. Firstly, I would like to express my sincerest condolences regarding your wife. Its not easy living, not in nor amongst the dark but I am very motivated and inspired by your techniques to compel expression, in which I hope have trenendously helped.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss any further, plz feel free to shoot me a message.
DavidMBuckwalter December 25, 2017
Thank you much for the kind words. I've grown and healed quite a bit since that time, but I do still carry those memories with me.

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May, 2017

Projected || Demon || Introspective

Nearly a decade ago, and during a very dark time in my life following the suicide of my fiancée, I found myself castigated by nearly everyone I knew aside from a few of my oldest friends. When I hit rock bottom, I put everything I had into photography and developing my base level skills as a creative outlet. One night, while watching a movie where a GOBO was used to map the word "demon" across the anti-hero, I had a spark of inspiration. Within an hour, I had built a homemade projector using a flashlight, a soldering clip, and a pair of magnifying glasses. I started brainstorming a list of words and short phrases that I felt best described how I felt others saw me and my situation; things like "demon," "child," "wanting, and "struggling in faith" topped the list. I threw a transparency sheet into my printer, and never looked back. While I culled the set from that night down to a dozen of what I felt were the most poignant, this one was, and always has been, my favorite of that night.

As the years passed by, my situation improved drastically, but two things stuck with me - the memories of the darkest places in the human psyche, and a love affair with GOBOS and projection mapping.

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