pmjfloyd October 07, 2015
Nice capture!
patriciaedwards October 08, 2015
Awesome. Nice angle and use of light to capture the moment. Nice shadows that add depth and mystery to the image.
PhilKPhotography December 08, 2015
I'd love to see this as a black and white. Even another version with the hat as the only color as well.
JDLifeshots February 09, 2016
Great shot! Congrats.
Byronfairphotography September 04, 2017
Outstanding capture. Beautiful light
carolynbarry September 19, 2017
Love the photo it says so much

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May, 2015

Blues Man in a Red Hat

I think this one was straight out of the camera. As I was asked how it was done: it wasn't too complicated apart from having to make sure we didn't step on any kittens. They were underfoot the whole time as we were shooting in my living room!

I used my usual D700 with a 35mm lens with two SpeedLights - one Snooted SpeedLight on 1/4 power Camera Left on a tripod aimed at Laurie's face and the other SpeedLight at 1/20 power Camera Right held by my friend Louise and pointed at his hat.

The shot was for the back cover of Lou's Sextet's second album. We all had great fun doing it.

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