marleecross February 20, 2015
OMGravy! This is too stinkin' cute. We have had some very similar moments in our house. Great Capture!! Thanks for sharing. :.)
cindysnaps February 21, 2015
lol you're very welcome Marlee. I'm just glad I had enough time to get the shot. The kid was so upset LOL
alisondixon February 01, 2016
This is great!
patrickmarlett February 02, 2016
Need a waiting area like that at my local laundromat... Lucky kid.
wendystevenson February 03, 2016
absolutely LOVE this!!!!
teganmccann February 09, 2016
This is ace!!
claidheamdanns February 17, 2016
I give you the Norman Rockwell Award for this one :-)
tetvet February 18, 2016
nice shot. have seen that look a time or two
jhogan February 18, 2016
Like the look on his face. Nice shot.
ariesZG February 19, 2016
DebbieDee March 01, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique.
DebbieDee March 01, 2016
Absolutely love this!!!
JDLifeshots March 19, 2016
Great composition and capture! Congrats.
joecas September 02, 2016
i love it!

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Dec, 2014

Laundry Day

Some days when kids have meltdowns it's nice to have the camera around. My son... he was angry that his batman pyjamas were being washed. Little does he know even superheros need clean clothes. He sat there until they were clean.

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