Welcome to your forever home My Little Man … <3

September 25th 2015

Though I wasn't looking just yet… fate has somehow landed this bundle of LOVE in my life!! He's only 8wks old… an...
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September 25th 2015

Though I wasn't looking just yet… fate has somehow landed this bundle of LOVE in my life!! He's only 8wks old… and I'm in LOOOVE :):) LOTS more pictures to come. I've been MIA to prepare and -baby proof- the house the last couple days.. so please forgive me and my SLOW comment/message replies! For all of you asking where I am and if I'm okay.. I'm fabulous, and always here! Promise to catch up though!! I went and got him today.. it was a 2 hour drive just one way and so worth it !! <3 <3

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Esilva77 September 25, 2015
He's adorable ❤
stuartjamieson PRO+
stuartjamieson September 26, 2015
He is so cool, what is his name?
Russell_Campbell PRO+
Russell_Campbell September 26, 2015
Woof woof! * welcome little man to the new land where you're in good hands!!! Love, laughter and tummy rubs await you for the rest of time!* ❤
nina050 PRO+
nina050 September 26, 2015
OMG!!!! You did it! Good girl! He's just adorable...congratulations!!!!
JulesB September 26, 2015
And life is good, isn't sweet?? !!! A new beginning for you and baby boy... handsome little devil.....just what you wanted. Does he have a name yet?? :))
Parallel September 26, 2015
Beautiful guy!
Studio19 September 27, 2015
Congrats on your new furbaby and his new Furever home :) What a cute little guy! J
nornots PRO
nornots September 27, 2015
I am very happy for you.
RAPJones September 27, 2015
He looks absolutely gorgeous!! I'm sooo pleased for you Steph! :)) :)) You've captured his cuteness so well!! I just want to give him a big hug...
JeffreyA PRO
JeffreyA September 27, 2015
mcampi PRO
mcampi September 28, 2015
Lucky Puppy great new digs and loving care..
denisenewman PRO
denisenewman September 29, 2015
So cute (gentle hugs) ;)
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman September 29, 2015
You made a perfect choice. He looks exhausted but is home safe and sound with his wonderful mama now!
KayBrewer PRO+
KayBrewer September 30, 2015
My oh my - I'm in love, too! And baby has his toys fer sur!
Inspire4More October 04, 2015
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi October 04, 2015
Shhhhh, he is sleeping !!!!!! Stunning shot !
DorisSeybold October 04, 2015
I see him smiling! So cute!!!
Kazza60 October 04, 2015
so cute !!
Hannahlocks October 11, 2015
So beautiful, and he looks like he's smiling in his sleep! A contented puppy glad to have found a home with you :)
Brad-DoChara March 27, 2017
So so cute....that baby pup!! :) Hims worn out already hehe