TonyGrant January 24, 2014
Very, very cool!
Reminds me of a Dali!
Water proof camera?
Rdiazresto January 24, 2014
Amazing shoot! Great done this is a super composition.
joebaxter January 24, 2014
Just Amazing!!! I love it!!
planetmiko January 24, 2014
Well Larry! Your shots are worth waiting for...colours,details,elements just a collision of creative inspiration! Thanks for sharing the moment and the dedication to capturing it! (an obvious fave):)
bllparkfrank January 24, 2014
Nice, love the texture in the foam
simon17 January 24, 2014
ahhh, this really is good! Well done
Beautiful-Breeze January 24, 2014
The only thing that comes to mind when I see this is ............... ""WOW""!!
Fantastic shot. Really amazing :-)
Lotsashots January 28, 2014
Dude! Love this~ Congrats on Paradise!
mila January 28, 2014
I love this photo but all your collection is truly outstanding. Can't wait to see more
priyankatelang January 28, 2014
Bravo!! brilliant capture
PascaleROULET January 30, 2014
Une photo surréaliste! Bravo!
EmmaKelash February 03, 2014
LindaPlourde February 03, 2014
My first impression was Daliesque! This is the most creative shot I've ever seen!
Ravishing February 03, 2014
Pretty awesome shot!
Gaydee February 07, 2014
Excellent ! :)
nejatisidan February 07, 2014
love it , excellent.
Timbo February 10, 2014
Simply excellent shot....
SarahKeates February 13, 2014
Cool shot! Congrats!
harleylynn February 16, 2014
This just rocks on so many levels. Found it in the Water Worlds photo contest.MY absolute fave there. :) Voted.. Good Luck!
AWHinternational February 16, 2014
Love the texture of the foam - so surreal too. An amazing shot.
VonSchnaphoto February 20, 2014
Very VERY Groovy!!!
mloiz February 21, 2014
Nice work!!
HelenRea February 21, 2014
Nice capture Larry! :)))
ninely February 21, 2014
Just beautiful!
elfiedwards February 21, 2014
great stunning shot!
Aissa February 21, 2014
absolutely beautiful shot...
AnnuO February 21, 2014
What a brilliant close-up!
BCoetzer February 26, 2014
Awesome capture!!!
lisonroy-ternes February 27, 2014
All I have to say is WOW, amazing shot.
ChristopherLH March 04, 2014
This. I've taken many shots of surf - this is not something you just "happen" to capture. Solid work man- that patience paid of big. Hope you win some sort of award for this.
Casper March 15, 2014
Ninika March 24, 2014
Stunning capture!!!
SVPhotos March 30, 2014
This is really cool!
nerophoto April 03, 2014
Gorgeous shot!!!!
randallnott April 04, 2014
You've topped yourself.
MikeW April 12, 2014
Superb creativity, REALLY eye-catching. And no damage to the camera I trust!
Timbo May 12, 2014
Excellent shot.....l
mehmetKOZAL May 12, 2014
micaelaoliveira May 13, 2014
onyanita May 16, 2014
Meghanshaw May 16, 2014
You must've got alot of sun that day for the perfect moment. Good job. It's an ispiration, that's for sure.
sweetpea72 May 16, 2014
absolutely incredible..cant wait to shoot at the beach :)
Capture-Life May 16, 2014
LOOVE it !!! :):)
Bonnie_D June 07, 2014
wow, this is just amazing!!!!!!!
florrie June 11, 2014
Wow! I absolutely love this shot. It is one of my favourites on the whole site. Fantastic!
JayneF June 16, 2014
Wow! Totally amazing :-)
Sefronia65 June 16, 2014
Congrats...fantastic pic!!!
photobynorb June 16, 2014
Amazing shot!!!
CreativeArtView June 16, 2014
very cool shot, great perspective!
Oxyte June 16, 2014
So viscous.
ArtQ June 17, 2014
Congrats on your Peoples Choice Award.
Rl1956 June 17, 2014
congrats on peoples choice, fantastic image
Chrism June 17, 2014
This is a wonderful creation. Congratulations on your award :)
JayneF June 17, 2014
sharnikablacker June 18, 2014
Incredible and inspiring! Congrats on Peoples Choice award - well deserved!!
shema June 20, 2014
congrats, outstanding high speed shot
jimmoon_8772 June 25, 2014
AlanJakarta June 25, 2014
Brilliant shot which was well worth all the numerous previous shots. Congratulations on being the PC Winner.
JDLifeshots June 26, 2014
Amazing capture! Congrats.
lynnfischbeck June 26, 2014
congratulations on your people's choice award!!!
Smoggydunc June 26, 2014
This was my favourite picture by miles in the competition- cant believe it didnt win!
rmr731 June 26, 2014
Congratulations Larry!
rmr731 June 26, 2014
Such an awesome capture!
medialila June 26, 2014
I want to get in! Stunning photo! I can almost taste the water.
tolbunt5 June 26, 2014
OMG, Awesome, jaw-dropping!!!
tolbunt5 June 26, 2014
By far the best photo I have seen on VB. WOW
TrinityHawk June 26, 2014
wow..awesome looks like bubbles from a bubble bath. great work.
elizabethcat June 26, 2014
fantastic shot
Flosno June 27, 2014
Fantastic capture
StudioLeFort June 27, 2014
Only just seen this - honestly the best shot I think I have seen for a VERY long time - wow...
Jeanne713 June 27, 2014
A very unique and amazing shot!
333KimmySue June 27, 2014
Awesome - voted!
annesweeney June 28, 2014
Breathtaking shot.
jessewest June 28, 2014
When I first saw this photo, I was staring at it wondering how you got the moon so clear...then I felt stupid..amazing job!
Picture-It-All June 30, 2014
Way awesome! Congrats!
lstone5050 July 01, 2014
Absolutely awesome!!
sergiodecamposmoraes July 07, 2014
Andisheh July 08, 2014
i love it
MegaryT July 09, 2014
Pardon the pun but turning the pages to view another gem Leaves my moth watering
sea foam moment is just bowls me over .outstanding body of work
Steve_Webster July 09, 2014
Fabulous shot!
MargueriteLouise August 22, 2014
I absolutely adore this! Congratulations :-)
gondmagdi August 26, 2014
wowww, stunning shot !
sharongarland September 04, 2014
sgundry October 12, 2014
Inspirational shot.
Cuffers November 26, 2014
oddducksclub1 December 04, 2014
Breath taken away-this is stunning with the foam and the blueness of it all. :)
nikonbarb December 04, 2014
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
e_pedroche December 04, 2014
It looks fake it's so amazing!!! BRAVO
HaliSowle December 04, 2014
This is SO.COOL!! Congratulations on being a finalist!
neldejong December 05, 2014
Wow.for me...this is a winner !
janland December 05, 2014
Fantastic capture! Amazing POV an texture! Congrats!
Dacemac December 05, 2014
Awesome! Congratulations!
traceh_20 December 05, 2014
I love this one it's definitely a winner such a lively photo
yanika December 05, 2014
Wow it so 3D how real it feels , Fantastic work!!!! I see more of slow exposure Images but this one is great example of keeping in mind both
CathyWithers-Clarke December 05, 2014
Just incredible !
jeffreyhowarth December 08, 2014
CassandraHoffmann December 08, 2014
Congratulations on being a finalist. ... Love this.
mmmontgomery777 December 10, 2014
Absolutely FANTASTIC!
brianvandermerwe December 11, 2014
I dont know that i have seen something like this. Fantastic
Robb December 15, 2014
congratulations larry, tremendous irrational reality
MonicaTM December 15, 2014
michelbissonnette December 15, 2014
Beautiful work,Love the effects.
p_eileenbaltz December 15, 2014
FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations.:)
GeraldineLefoe December 15, 2014
Incredible shot - congratulations on your win, very well deserved
donnarenzulli December 15, 2014
Thank you for sharing the moment with us. This stunning work, beyond belief. Wow!
fuzzilly December 15, 2014
Absolutely stunning! Bravo!
viewbug_georgem December 15, 2014
don't get wet :-) its a fantastic shot worth bottling!
sebastianmuglia December 15, 2014
Fantastic, you changed water in cream!
debcoimages December 15, 2014
simply stunning! Congrats on your win, so well deserved!
jaegemt1 December 15, 2014
Amazing work! Congratulations!
NIKONINJECTION December 15, 2014
straight badass photo
AlanJakarta December 15, 2014
My previous comment refers. Congratulations on being the Winner.
Thimbee December 15, 2014
Congrats on well deserved win!
Alannixon December 15, 2014
Congratulations mate, awesome shot!
janstria December 16, 2014
Rl1956 December 16, 2014
congrats on a well deserved win
rmr731 December 16, 2014
Congratulations Larry! It's a winner indeed!
magnetoman December 17, 2014
Brilliant - congratulations on your win!
ChristineBoccia December 17, 2014
You are inspiring! I need a word for how spectacular this shot is!
galenvarvares December 17, 2014
Brilliant !
hemzabenyoucef December 20, 2014
horsegalraye December 22, 2014
My comment would be a drop in your bucket..... however, I'll say it anyway...... WOW.... STUNNING CAPTURE!!!!!
iainferguson December 26, 2014
I absolutely love this shot, So sharp, bright and original. Well done :-)
lyndaschafferlehmann December 27, 2014
WOW, wow, and WOW! Excellent technique and creativity!
gondmagdi January 01, 2015
stunning capture !
fionawilsonherbert January 01, 2015
Wow! This is amazing x
ambers_photos January 06, 2015
amazing photo :)
karenmorrislanz January 07, 2015
Delighted to see this shot as a finalist so so good!
merianbell January 07, 2015
kathymuhle January 07, 2015
Congratulations on all your wins - beautiful shot! :) Kathy
RhondaMcD January 07, 2015
Congratulations on winning Finalist standing. Stunning photo.
Roussou January 07, 2015
Congrats for being a finalist in Image of the year. As your saying this is a extremely difficult shot and in my eyes this is the winning shot.
rmr731 January 08, 2015
Congrats on being a finalist Larry! This is such a great shot! Well deserved.
ttelfair January 08, 2015
Amazing, love the perspective and creativity! Congrats on maintainable!
idleboat January 08, 2015
cmorisset January 08, 2015
Amazing capture, outstanding genius! Bravo and congrats! Love it!
nikiwilson January 09, 2015
Tony Grant got it right when he said your shot re minded him of Salvador Dali. Primo!
Marjoriesmithphotography January 09, 2015
AndrewZap January 09, 2015
Agreed. Amazing capture. This stopped me in my tracks at first glance. Well done on freezing such a fleeting moment in time, with detail in the highlights and the shadows. Well done!
Gragorgix January 09, 2015
An Absolutely Beautiful Moment. Beauty! Well taken!
tricianicolescott January 10, 2015
I absolutely LOVE this picture!!!!
ExaltedAsh January 13, 2015
One of the best shots of the year! Just an amazing, and well-timed capture. Well done!
ncpcov January 14, 2015
I personally think this or the dual damselfy macro shot from albertopiza (I think) were my two fave shots of the year...just stunning. Following now for inspiration, the fact it's not been photoshopped to death just makes it even better. Just superb. 😃
zabblicious January 15, 2015
One of my favourite shots this year! Amazing colour and detail! Honestly thought it was milk at first. LOVE IT.
rdehner January 15, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together! See all the work. Love it, can feel it capturing my ankles. Just a fantastic shot!
abyalewbayu January 15, 2015
sanjaredcat February 06, 2015
LucyLoo February 06, 2015
What a truly superb photo and genius idea. Great skill involved I'm sure. Congratulations on this masterpiece :-D
kathyk_abq February 25, 2015
Amazing abstract capture! Wow!
thommorris February 25, 2015
I love the contrast between the sea and sand with the white foam dividing the two flats with a wild momentary sculpture.
mikefinding March 23, 2015
LOVE images of water like this!
karensommerslohre March 25, 2015
wonderful shot!
BrunoHeeb April 22, 2015
all-time favorite
larrybeard June 26, 2015
Thank you..
RemarkableImagery June 06, 2015
It's almost. Daliesque. So original.
larrybeard June 26, 2015
Thanks. On of my fav artist. Mahalo
trishpowell June 27, 2015
I love this capture
Tim_Haynes June 27, 2015
JoeyJ June 28, 2015
Absolutely incredible!
limar1974 July 08, 2015
surreal! great shot
SuperT22 July 08, 2015
absolutely the best beach photo I have ever seen
Bazz July 08, 2015
manueladurson July 09, 2015
love it!
fernandopineza July 09, 2015
Phenomenal capture! Great!
Billyboy July 16, 2015
This is just too fabulous !!
adriansart July 22, 2015
Fantastic Larry!
BryanTilghman July 23, 2015
This is just crazy good! Probably one of my favorite images of all time....and I've looked at quite a few. Congrats on this one.
ShifraG July 27, 2015
So cool!!!
cindybucholz August 01, 2015
Looks like a foamy whipped cream crashing onto the sand!!!!
karensommerslohre August 09, 2015
Great capture & composition!
Tyler_Stewart_Photography August 20, 2015
By far the best photo I have seen all year. Great shot! $!
kellrhettamelia August 20, 2015
Just wow! The shapes in this shot are incredible! And the colours are beautiful!
nina050 August 21, 2015
Fantastic capture!
BubbleBreeze September 07, 2015
Amazing photo!
lizcadogan September 12, 2015
Awesome! As soon as I saw this image I was dying to know the specs....shutter speed..ISO etc etc. Any filters? Thankyou
SoulPerceptions September 16, 2015
Love this :)
susanofuji September 21, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
susanofuji September 21, 2015
Write a comment
robstarbrook September 21, 2015
Congrats great photo
ApisitWilaijit September 21, 2015
Amazing !
rudyroiz September 22, 2015
Beautiful texture & great colors, Cheers mate
luis_soares_photography January 16, 2016
Absolute marvel! Man, I wish I could be half as good a photographer as you are.
LRock January 27, 2016
This is simply amazing!!!
stanandrewssnr January 29, 2016
This just blows me away. Fantastic shot.
CWphotos5 March 29, 2016
Incredible capture...well worth any amount of necessary shots!!! Kudos!
JordanSuter April 26, 2016
Sea foam never dissappoints me. Well done.
martinrodgers May 01, 2016
Voted Superb composition, when I saw the thumb nail of this shot I first thought that the blob top/middle looked like the moon had been super-imposed onto the photo, but as it is, I was wrong, it's a better shot will follow. Cheers for sharing.
irenehowson June 05, 2016
howiegrapek June 17, 2016
Truly awesome and very creative. I have to ask, HOW FAST was your shutter spead? What is the photo EXIF info?
Deepuz June 23, 2016
awesome click....
anreuys June 25, 2016
Incredible picture!
allanloose June 26, 2016
Amazing work, we'll worth the effort
Bob_Cornett July 04, 2016
gloveranna July 18, 2016
Alidowd July 18, 2016
LillaClare July 19, 2016
Wow, so Alien, so Earthy... so Salty... Masterful skillz. I could have ticked all the boxes for your peer award. Absolutely stunning. Bravo!
Te114 August 09, 2016
Love everything
DrAAziz August 14, 2016
best capture so far have seen
Grnize August 14, 2016
So cool....I would love to be able to get a shot like this, I'm an amateur but one day I will hopefully be able to take pics like this!
Kollogov August 15, 2016
makes me feel, the best has already been done, nothing left for me
ItsAsEasyAsTeezy August 15, 2016
amazing definition
janstria September 07, 2016
This is absolutely stunning capture!
leahjones_0833 September 14, 2016
Great shot!
DouglasBarbosa September 16, 2016
So cool!
nickheinimann October 06, 2016
Absolutley Amazing! How can i buy this!!
cdelgado October 16, 2016
Crisp, yes very cool!!!
linabulgaria October 20, 2016
Love it, so adorable and sunny, bravo!!! :)
gunners42 November 03, 2016
Awesome Capture, way to go... congrats!
giannisjohnidiskritikos November 04, 2016
I love this photo! Well done!
HauntedArtistry November 04, 2016
Fantastic capture,amazingly beautiful :-)
DavidThePhotographer November 14, 2016
about to say the shot was worth it, "oh wait...since when was my camera waterproof"
Radioactivepotatoseeds November 22, 2016
Excellent shot!
SafariShootS November 30, 2016
A most excellent image.... Well done.
245Trioxin December 01, 2016
The right telephoto lens I hope! lol. I assume waterproof housing because you look mounted close to the action. I think it's fantastic!
jamesfelt December 16, 2016
Ha! That is great! :)
chrissiecallaghan December 17, 2016
BrianBasson December 17, 2016
Superbly done.
charlestucker December 17, 2016
Absolutely stunning in ways words can scarcely define!!!
printzcharming December 17, 2016
I can't imagine why this image isn't the be all and end all of this contest. Stunning composition and timing
thelucideye December 18, 2016
WOW! Crazy shot. Congrats on the contest!
dawgdaydrama December 18, 2016
Most creative, I really like this!
DeniseL December 25, 2016
Love this - also thought 'Dali' - amazing photo!
JRTrent January 05, 2017
So cool!!!
mscaletta92 February 21, 2017
WTh I'm mesmerized by your work!! Really amazing work..
heinrichV February 27, 2017
hi larry, one day when i'm grown up i want to take photos like these ;)
excellent work - so inspiring!
wilmaoverwijnbeekman March 09, 2017
Beautiful picture! Maybe you would like to join my challenge "The beauty of the sea"? You're welcome
Zandlee_Groenewald June 11, 2017
Absolutely love this shot!
9672_4130 June 22, 2017
Truly amazing shot
peterkopplinger June 28, 2017
What a fantastic idea and execution!!!
Rafaphoto October 13, 2017
Babzy October 16, 2017
Fascinating, unique pic
md_abid70 Jul 26
East or west larrybeard is the best , love u my hero good job
pjleger Jul 31
The Colors are soooo rich. Amazing!
didar_chy Sep 09
mariosikoracz Nov 03

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Jan, 2014

Sea Foam Moment

"Sea Foam Moment" is a high speed capture of an ocean wave surging over a sand berm. So many elements come into play for the foam to hit just right. It normally needs to be an extreme high tide, the right size wave, the right incline of the sand berm and certain other factors. To say the least, this is an extremely difficult shot to capture. It takes hundreds, if not thousands of photos in the right conditions to achieve this magic moment. Thanks for viewing. For more follow on FB and IG. Mahalo

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Won People's Choice in Fast Shutter Speed Photo ContestJune, 2014


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