AnnuO January 15, 2015
Nice close-up!
Cobble-Art February 06, 2015
Thank you. I appreciate the comment.
Beauwulf January 26, 2015
Can you say "Grumpy Cat" on steroids!
Cobble-Art February 06, 2015
Exactly! I really appreciate you taking time comment.
JestePhotography February 03, 2015
Which one of you punks threw that!!
AWESOME capture!
Cobble-Art February 06, 2015
Thanks! I was hoping he realized that I didn't throw it!
hotpixel February 06, 2015
Great pic... you don't see too many cat pics with snow covering their face !! Congrats on your award !!
Cobble-Art February 06, 2015
Thank you so much! I really appreciate you taking time comment.
BensPhotography February 07, 2015
Wow, thats a real killer image. Awsomeeee :D
Cobble-Art March 20, 2015
Meelux February 16, 2015
haha looks like he angry that snow got on his face :D superb capture, you have beautiful images. Looking forward to seeing more from you :)
Jillybean56 March 18, 2015
Amazing photo. I'm not sure I'd want yo be only 4 feet away from that face though. He does not look happy!
hibbz March 18, 2015
I see you visited Montana, great place
travismorhardt March 19, 2015
What an awesome and exhilarating experience! Such a magnificent photo! Thanks for sharing.
Forfarlass March 19, 2015
Congratulations on your well deserved win.. Its a fantastic photo. And Yes he does look grumpy.
dareco March 19, 2015
Looking at this and also reading your note takes my breath away. I can only imagine how exciting this must have been for you. And a perfect shot!!!! Congrats on your win !!!
kellycoventry March 19, 2015
Congratulations on your win! This is an outstanding photo and the expression is magnificent! Well done!
tinawiley March 20, 2015
Well deserved, that is an awesome shot
barryjchapman March 20, 2015
Wonderful Picture - where exactly was this taken - I would love to go and try myself
Cobble-Art March 20, 2015
Thanks! Barry, I would tell you but it's like a spy thing. You have to know a guy, who knows a guy and they have to have a helicopter with a secret location. It's one of those stories that's too magnificent!
robynlesley March 21, 2015
Congratulations. This is such an AWESOME photo!!
Cobble-Art April 22, 2015
Thanks so much!
ChixPixPhotography March 22, 2015
I'm scared just looking at this photo. Fabulous shot!
Cobble-Art April 22, 2015
The weird thing - I was never scared. Just excited!!
ReneeBlake April 21, 2015
WOW !!
robynlesley April 22, 2015
Congratulations. This is a AWESOME shot. One angry cat!!!
mcphoto2bug April 22, 2015
How did you catch this shot! Wow Great
morg April 22, 2015
Great shot!!!
jorgepenedo April 23, 2015
Cool :)
Deepaliv9v April 23, 2015
Just is a beautiful click!! Wow. So beautiful, so close to the natures most fearful and royal animal.
Bluejay45 April 24, 2015
He doesn't look too happy - trust it was a long lens?
BrunoHeeb April 24, 2015
all-time favorite ,amazing shot
Got2CaptureTheMoment April 24, 2015
What an awesome capture. He look Rather ticked off. I love how you got such a code up and the lighting/exposure with the snow looks fantastic
johncannon_9135 April 28, 2015
Love it. Looks like he was the looser in a snowball fight and isn't happy about it. Or he's the uncle and he just got hit be one of his nephew's.
brandonhill April 30, 2015
Don't you know that you should never get into a snowball fight with a large cat. Great picture. I love how even with all that snow, you got so much detail out of it. How large was your zoom...hahahaha
rmr731 May 01, 2015
Awesome capture! Congrats on being a finalist!
mistygage May 04, 2015
Man oh man does he look angry.
StephanieManuel May 17, 2015
Wow! Breath taking shot!
Wizzard May 21, 2015
This is an awesome shot!! Congrats on your awards,well deserved!!
Capture-Life June 04, 2015
sharlenescarboroughdodds July 30, 2015
I take it we are not a fan of the snow
Jenn-WildChild-Wagner August 03, 2015
Wow what a bad ass shot
dennisrathbun August 05, 2015
He looks like a sore loser! Great shot.
andrew37ot August 12, 2015
Best close up!!killer!!
reflectionsbyrenee September 10, 2015
How unique a snow covered Tiger, awesome
Roussou January 04, 2016
Excellent shot and all of the above comments
Cruiser48 April 12, 2016
Did YOU throw that snowball??
catherinethompson May 28, 2016
Again this is outstanding.
mikegatt September 02, 2016
He doesn't look too pleased!
Wonderful close-up and great detail..
andyxvuylsteke September 18, 2016
Don't throw snowballs at Simba... Simba angry... haha, he looks so pissed. Awesome shot! So funny too :D
mlorenekimura September 19, 2016
Wow, this is incredible! He doesn't look real happy there but I sure am after seeing this. Way to go!!
karenbchris October 30, 2016
Don't throw snowballs at wildlife please. Not cool
Steve_Thomas November 03, 2016
Just plain... WOW!
Harleyfan November 21, 2016
That is one p*&#ed off cat! I can't get over how much I love this image! Just don't get tired of looking at it. This is, by far, a one-of-a-kind capture!
Harleyfan November 21, 2016
Would love to have this on one of my walls!
karengeddes December 16, 2016
Very nice capture! I pity the one who threw the snowball!
theresavar December 16, 2016
lauramowrey December 17, 2016
Wow, great shot....that looks like one angry cat!
jancartwright December 17, 2016
This is amazing - perfect framing and it's the quintessential cranky kitty! Albeit a BIG kitty. Nice work!
Alignm2 December 17, 2016
KazHojt December 17, 2016
Absolutely awesome! What a wonderful memory for you!
Anlkoo December 18, 2016
Amazing shot!
Kity4438 December 18, 2016
This is a wow photo, I love it ????
Bart_Sliwecki December 19, 2016
Awsome! Fierce but funny!
loralynn December 19, 2016
This is photographic magic! How awesome it must have been to be there in the presence of such powerful beauty; then to capture this moment! Wonderful!
danielledavismark December 19, 2016
SettingSky December 26, 2016
Absolutely fabulous!
Eifeltiger January 16, 2017
I'm a huge fan of tigers and one of my dreams is to travel to Amur region to see them live and photograph them. This is definitely the most impressing and amazing portrait of a Siberian Tiger I have ever seen. Congratulations for this great shot.
Pamelabole March 21, 2017
Wow....that look....yikes!!! Magnificent capture!! Love it!!! Congrats on your Finalist win!!! : )
MaggieMays March 21, 2017
How cool is this!!!
ConnieFresn March 23, 2017
I've come back to look at this photo several times...I love it. The stare and the look on his face is priceless! A wonderful capture.
uhunachdemwaldbrand March 24, 2017
chapeau !
samkel1 March 24, 2017
Wow! ;)
kryssyjones March 25, 2017
Angry kitty well done that's awesome
MValentin March 26, 2017
No belly rubs for this kitty!
LAMONTEMA April 11, 2017
Most Amazing angry pissed off big cat. To be able to capture this and lived to tell us all about is once in a life time. The mountain spirits were with you. Congratulations :-)
christinahawkins May 04, 2017
this is such a fantastic shot! Looks like he wants to rip someones head off!!
JulienVIEL May 08, 2017
Congrats!Very nice shot!
JDLifeshots May 08, 2017
Amazing capture! Congrats.
barbarabrock May 08, 2017
Shocking image!!! Totally awesome.
mistygage May 08, 2017
He definitely doesn't look happy about all that snow.
rawphotopro May 08, 2017
Holy Smokes! Awesome Shot!
Eddieuuu071 May 08, 2017
Fabulous capture!
Deblgood10 May 08, 2017
Love this photo You have managed to capture an angry look on this creatures face. He looks so upset with the situation he is in
joelbielstein May 11, 2017
Looks like he is angry for being white washed by his fried.
Paulacook144 May 11, 2017
Wow great shot.
joannahamilton May 29, 2017
Wow incredible
joannahamilton May 29, 2017
Know I'm cheeky but can I use as my screens aver on phone please...I'm mesmerised and have never seen such a terrifying expression on any animal like this one...can't stop looking x
Neckbone May 29, 2017
Looks like he not happy being cold. Great capture!
Footprint-fotografie May 29, 2017
Very good shot.
AbbyMathison May 29, 2017
That is an AWESOME angry tiger! Cool shot!
rickhunter338 May 29, 2017
WOW! Magnificent shot!
milanbarta May 30, 2017
Omg ????
kevinsutton May 30, 2017
He does not look happy about this photo shoot. ????
Pclaesen June 04, 2017
i think he lost a snowball fight!!! haha. very nice picture!!
Stacylouwho June 13, 2017
Wicko85 June 30, 2017
Wow, that tiger kind of looks a bit grumpy.
sayram September 02, 2017
sayram September 02, 2017
very beautiful
rcmphotography September 13, 2017
WoW, stunning photo - tha'ts one moody tiger...
BrunoHeeb October 08, 2017
absolutely amazing shot
Alfredo_Jose November 09, 2017
BOOOOM! Over the top!
guznickart November 11, 2017
hahhahahhhaahh wonderfull
evemitra Jan 04
clearly lost a snowball fight
jacksonkismet Jan 05
Look at those eyes! She looks pissed.
Beautiful!!! Congrats on all your awards, well deserved!
karen_rattray Jan 10
Truly stunning!!
kurtskoglund Feb 01
Your image is magnificent. He looks like he was about to make you his dinner.
Laser5 Feb 03
Amazing capture! Wonderful.
shema Mar 01
fierce! awesome shot
DivaPanther Apr 19
Fantastic shot. Well done!
The most impressend portrait i had seen!!
daveseye Dec 11
Mean looking. Must have been one heck of a telephoto!

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Jan, 2015


Shooting this Siberian Tiger was one of the best moments of our lives. We had two hours to photograph him while he was running free atop a snow covered mountain. To be 4 feet away, eye to eye level with this magnificent cat was exhilarating, dangerous and awesome!!

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