annamikicinski December 07, 2017
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annamikicinski December 07, 2017
Love this picture, excellent composition and detail.
You know it's funny, Anna, i didn't realixe you were into photography. Your comments suggest that you understand the relevance of a frame an dhow it should be shot. How on earth did we never touch base about this before? Anyway, thank you very much for your support and wonderful comments. :)

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Sep, 2017

The Heart of a Beetle - DSC_007

This insect is called a small milkweed bug of the Hemiptera (true bugs) family, that feeds on sap and seeds. I loved the accent colour of the decomposing leaves as the beetle makes its way across to find food. It was fall and my plants have gone to seed, so a good time for him to visit my garden. Macro photography is so cool, as it brings me into the life of insects and their markings...can you see the heart on its backside?

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