Gem27 January 06, 2015
Great shot! :-)
DutchTouch January 07, 2015
Love this image it's great!
maureenrueffer January 07, 2015
Very funny
Heyjude January 07, 2015
Wonderful and fun image!
hollywood12 January 17, 2015
Your pictures are wildly entertaining....great work!!
just wondering if you've had a chance to use a faster lens for the stage shots, or an off camera flash..
briancann February 15, 2016
Eyeconic April 08, 2016
Wonderfuly constructed. Well done
lauracurtis May 09, 2016
Love this!
Royfir February 25, 2017
Paulacook144 May 18, 2017
Great shot. This photo tells you a funny story. Well seen and handled.
alfredohernandez May 19, 2017
Great shot, you really captured the emotion in this shot!
SIG442 June 08, 2017
Great shot, but 1 thing that stings a bit. Which is the bicycle itself. It looks way to modern for what you are trying to tell in your shot. It breaks the image even.
So fun and creative! No wonder it's won so many awards. Thanks for sharing your enormous talent!

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Jan, 2015

Vintage girl.

From a small little town in Victoria comes a small vintage shop with such charm. This stunning collection of Australian vintage is a surprise as you drive through the small street of Scarsdale. Here you can see model Grace, in a shoot to capture the fun of this small but elegant hidden gem.

"Lady Vintage"

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Won Contest Finalist in Rural Portraits Photo ContestMay, 2016
Won FeaturedMay, 2016
Won Runner Up in Bikes and Motorcycles Photo ContestMay, 2016
Won Contest Finalist in Bikes and Motorcycles Photo ContestApril, 2016


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