astewart April 05, 2016
This is just an awesome picture! I'm glad he didn't eat you! :)
saboytjie April 05, 2016
the closer the cappa....if you don't get the action your not close enough!
KatherineYako April 09, 2016
;o Aren't you afraid of these wild animals? Aren't they dangerous?
saboytjie June 04, 2016
Write a comment
saboytjie June 07, 2016
ja they are, but they pick up your fear.... i was taking photos of heyenas, and everytime i bent down, they came for me, so i stand up...they then backed went on like that for 10mins or so, until i backed need to read the situation, or the animals state of mind....if the tail flicks, stay away!
kathleenweetman June 08, 2016
Really love this .....Was trying to award the genius tab ...button got stuck.... Anyway I say Genius....
Jillybean56 June 27, 2016
Amazing shot, congrats!
greglinck June 27, 2016
Excilent shot.
JDLifeshots June 27, 2016
Awesome capture! Congrats.
kish71 July 02, 2016
Just wow! My adrenaline is pumping just viewing this shot! Excellent photo and amazing gallery!
saboytjie July 05, 2016
thanx all for the kind words!
CURUTCHET August 25, 2016
tiger in Africa how come?
saboytjie September 14, 2016
they are rescued animals....they actauly thrive here!
sigridbh September 13, 2016
How close can you get?! Amazing picture, scary too!
saboytjie September 14, 2016
very close!!!
johne7 September 13, 2016
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
jimhelmick September 13, 2016
Fantastic shot - he really looks pissed!
tskwelin September 14, 2016
amazing...just amazing...
saboytjie September 14, 2016
debbietegtmeier September 27, 2016
You must have nerves of steel! Had that cat snarled at me, I would have dropped my camera and peed my pants! Absolutely amazing photo you got here!!
saboytjie September 30, 2016
I was born in Africa! haha, thank you!
dandoano October 23, 2016
Excellent Capture :)
maksimsamoilenko October 24, 2016
DebbieKMiller81 November 04, 2016
Too close for comfort on this one? Still a wild animal and always unpredictable.
saboytjie November 08, 2016
ja was close! and i agree 100%
Millar_Images December 13, 2016
You would have to grow up around these animals to know when and how to get close to them enough to get this kind of photo WOW!
jzmora December 14, 2016
wow amazing
rogerwauters December 14, 2016 survived :)
SusanBurroughs December 14, 2016
I sure hope you had a long lens!!
saboytjie December 20, 2016
17-40L wide and close!
rturnbow December 20, 2016
Amazing, well done!
Pamelabole March 10, 2017
Wow!!!!, I'd love to do that.....but not sure I have the nerves of steel for it! Amazing capture....thanks for sharing with all of us meeker photographers!!! ;P Lol!!! Congrats on your finalist award!! : )
saboytjie March 14, 2017
thank you Pamela, only seeing this today! (right place, right time!)
ersu March 23, 2017
were you in a cage or some sort of protection, the only way I'd take this photo is with a telescope lol. Fantastic photo
saboytjie March 24, 2017
no....17-40mm l lens, hand thru a fence....and thank you!
NightHope March 24, 2017
I'm kind of laughing at some of these comments.. it's just a tiger. They don't attack unless provoked, otherwise they're really peaceful just like any other animal lol. Great shot by the way! Definitely beautiful.. ?
BrianBasson May 02, 2017
Very good capture. where was it taken?
saboytjie May 03, 2017
Wildschutsberg, Eastern cape RSA
richardhowell June 07, 2017
Scary ????
acchiappasogni August 19, 2017
Wow! Beautiful shot! Where u were?
MikeMettsPhotography October 13, 2017
Incredible shot!
HBPhotoTx December 25, 2017
fabs Feb 09
Wow breathtaking capture
Corabelle Feb 10
gloeber Feb 28
Amazing! Oh to be in front of this guy! I would of been terrified! Beautiful photo
mirandawilder Feb 28
So cool, I hope to experience something like this one day!
Ideameus Mar 17
dewood62 Mar 29
Seriously. close were you????
Cheetahstrike Apr 07
Amazing image. Oh how I miss ZA.
Paul39 Apr 27
Wonderful shot. Nasty kitty.
babasmom May 26
jessedeforest Jul 04
tanialake Aug 06
Oooft! Now that is superb but scary. Tell me he was behind glass?

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Apr, 2016

close encounter

was real close to this tiger! he was very unpredictable, one minute playful the next a snarl....

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