CG July 19, 2013
Fantastic Composition.Love the B&W
AlanJakarta July 19, 2013
Fabulous mono shot. Congratulations.
jleiweke July 20, 2013
Shades48 July 20, 2013
Great contrast, great B/W, great background which works very well. Well done, congratulations.
ThompsonsPhotography July 21, 2013
great shot congrats on the award
DeadEye July 24, 2013
Wow! Congrats on the award! Where is this?
olivierlw August 02, 2013
nicely done
sheriminardi September 30, 2013
Absolutely stunning! Great capture.
Dacemac December 16, 2013
Great handling...a story in a portrait...Way to go!
PhilipCarnevale December 16, 2013
WOW! Supreme image.
C_Wyokid September 08, 2015
This reminds me of home, alot of ummff, the majesty!
R_Stoddard October 08, 2015
Nice shot. I hope this is with a telephoto. I had one chase me for a bit in Wyoming while I was hiking back from fishing.
R_Stoddard October 08, 2015
Copperfrog November 13, 2015
Antelope Island?
Alindy7 November 24, 2015
Love this is black and white. Gives it a timey look
ginadibalsamo December 08, 2015
Beautiful. I have always wanted to go find Bison to shoot. Love....
NikonMetz January 03, 2016
This is the perfect western photo -- the bison, the mountains, and the plains. He might have posed for our buffalo nickel.
Photo_phanatic_ May 28, 2016
So majestic. B&W catches something that color does not. Beautiful work.
kenclarephoto September 09, 2016
Classic image.
cyrillinegoodman October 03, 2016
Great Shot!
benanthony April 22, 2017
Incredible photo, you must be so proud!!!
Hlindsay76 October 07, 2017
How lucky you are to have seen this beauty in the wild. Ive only seen them in Zoo's. Amazing ,beautiful shot!
fabs Feb 24
Great picture. Beautiful composition. Well done!

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Jul, 2013

B&W Bison 02 -

Huge, majestic, and a little the worst for wear...the American Bison. Met this guy on a working bison ranch. You pay them to work there, and you get experience, three hots and a cot. An interesting idea and a great photo op.

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