kenmorrissey August 09, 2016
Very Nice work Oliver
OliverSchleinLichtbilder August 10, 2016
Thank you...!
TK64 August 14, 2016
What an awesome photo!!! I love ur work! Such a creative guy! I try to be creative but this really caught my eye!!! Thanks for sharing with us!
LMShockney_Photography August 18, 2016
Great work, very unique!!
naturisk August 19, 2016
Thanks for explaining the shot. You simply have all the taste and imagination in the world, that's all!!
paulwelch August 20, 2016
You have some great shots Oliver, it is a pleasure to see some work outside the box :-) and in such clarity and beautiful lighting... I look forward to seeing more of you shots down the track :-)
Jaybirdblue August 21, 2016
Pure and exquisite....
BrianBasson August 23, 2016
Hi Oliver, Very creative.
laurenmanalastasmanzano August 30, 2016
incredible photograph Oliver
robbie_irlam September 14, 2016
Love it Oliver. Awesome shots all round!
edwinaaitken September 16, 2016
Beautiful simplicity and all your photos, gives me inspiration!
silverybliss September 28, 2016
This photo is simply amazing.
Gabriele69 March 02, 2017
edrobson April 06, 2017
Supercool shot. Congrats on the win!
sweetpea72 April 12, 2017
absolutely gorgeous..❤ this! シ
lanettebaker August 28, 2017
Eye catcher!!
ambermundy December 26, 2017
I love how it's not photoshopped. The photo turned out great. I've yet to edit any of my photo's.
djamesbarr December 30, 2017
Natural beauty...
Katnott Jan 06
Such a simple beautiful photo love everything about it! congrats!!
Klasse Makro! Gruß Michael
Sehr cool gemacht,dachte erst es würde in Milch 'schwimmen' oder in weißem Klebstoff :)
JayneBug May 18
So simple and creative. Beautiful work. Congratulations.

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May, 2016

crystal clear mk2

I was asked if this pic is a composition made with Photoshop: No, it's not...!
I just placed a seed of a dendalion in this little hole on a white table and placed a drop of water on the top by using a syringe. Two flashlights and some light-reflectors were used to lighten up this scene. Some little local corrections and color settings were made with Adobe lightroom cc. That's all...

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Winner in Individual Drops of Water, Not Rain Photo ChallengeOctober, 2018
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Won People's Choice in Water drops Photo ChallengeAugust, 2017
Winner in Macro water drops Photo ChallengeApril, 2017
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