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jorgepenedo January 02, 2014
Lovely image
telimu February 27, 2014
Incredible. Hope you win
joleneniswenderhebert March 06, 2014
Absolutely perfect and beautiful. I really hope you win!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
dbisme March 06, 2014
Great capture! I Love it!
rmr731 March 06, 2014
Sweet - congrats on being a finalist!
estervandermerwe March 06, 2014
I hope this one wins... it is true love if it lasts that long, great photo, congratulations
jennyalbritton March 06, 2014
What a beautiful capture. This made me smile. I'm also a finalist in the same contest, but this needs to win. Tugs at my heartstrings. :-)
cilla8 March 06, 2014
So special!!
Drales March 06, 2014
tissa7 March 06, 2014
I hope you win
donnawright March 06, 2014
This literally has brought tears to my eyes. So emotional. Anything that can move me so much, deserves to win. This is true love right here. Wow...
wleighmoore March 07, 2014
This one is my favorite out of the finalists. Congrats on making it! Hope you win!
photosbychristopher1 March 07, 2014
great picture. I love it
Rl1956 March 19, 2014
an adorable couple, congrats
AlanJakarta March 19, 2014
Superb shot. Congratulations on being a Runner-up.
BrianpSlade March 20, 2014
A lovely shot that tells a story...this type of capture could only work in black and white which is what makes it a winner....well done and congrats!
lebar54 March 20, 2014
I love this!
ReneeBlake March 20, 2014
Beautiful b&w ! Congrats
Heyjude March 22, 2014
Lovely image! Congrats!
LawrenceBurns March 23, 2014
Congratulations! Such a strong image!
JDLifeshots March 23, 2014
Very sweet capture! Congrats.
fotogalmexican March 24, 2014
ArtQ March 25, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
ArtQ March 25, 2014
Congrats on your Runner-up Award.
OksanaZa March 30, 2014
Lovely. Love this!!
Vince542 April 28, 2014
Great Shot!!!! Amore fino alla fine!!!! molto commovente!!!
HelenRea June 30, 2014
Top shot Max...stunning work indeed! :)))
kbentz June 18, 2015
I love this so much! It hints at an incredible story, if only they would turn to the camera and tell it. Lovely.
ReneeBlake May 17, 2017
So happy this won the Couples in Love ! Big congrats !
studiodobs May 17, 2017
Come vedi, mi sono iscritta anch'io ... anzi ... obbligata se volevo vedere la tua foto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ne valeva la pena !!! ancora complimenti ... foto assolutamente magnifica e con ... anima ...
livioferrari May 18, 2017
Congratulations! Complimenti per il gran bel risultato.
Hamburgensie May 18, 2017
Beautiful photo! Congratulations! :)
Just-Agnes May 19, 2017
A real good winner, this picture needs no fancy make-up, this is pure love at its finest!
MRSMRSNIKON March 22, 2018
Congrats great job!
reginalevy Mar 07
congrats nice shot

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