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Caged Joy?
Capturing the moment with a camera is such an incredible feeling. This drone shot I took over the ping river in #chiangmaicity wa
Hide and Seek
A lot of waterfalls in Illinois are rain dependent. After several inches of rain a few days before this shot I headed out on a late afternoon hike hop
 playing with the wind 2
Horse and carriage leaving Petra (Jordan), the world wonder, through the "Siq" to the entrance.
 Byron Bay - Australia
If I had to sum up my entire childhood in an image... this is how it would look. 

Grandma, me and stories.
Chronic smoker with emphysema and a daily need for corticosteroids via an inhaler to relieve symptoms. Elena is a single mother of two who refuses to
(instagram wildseascapes)

Recent cold spell here in the UK, getting the white stuff here in Cornwall is unheard of. The last time was over ten years
Running on the beach’s of Florida... wild and free, full of beautiful sunshine!
Imperial Beach pier.
Over Tagus
I photographed my own children in the studio when we had Santa scheduled.  They really didn't want to do it, but I had them do it anyways and in
20 second delay is almost time to get positioned for the studio selfie!
How cold was it -40 degrees with the wind chill. It took me a loon time removing my boots because my hands were useless.
Scotty Hall worked as one of the ropers during the spring gather of young horses at a Colorado ranch. The animals were branded and the males were geld
A baby enjoys his first birthday cake.
I was giving photo lessons to a group from back east on the Salt Flats. I wanted to show how a flash can dratically improve a portrait, easpecially on
Magical Red Hair
Image of the iconic Skogafoss waterfall near Vik, Iceland.  This location was one stop on a three day campervan trip around the Iceland ring road.
My first attempt at levitation
Shooting from a movie set !
From my series "The Great American Tribes"
Thank you so much for taking the time to view my work :)

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