garykavanagh June 01, 2017
Wow nice capture of the rain drops. The eye focuses on the person first but because they are out of focus it instead finds something more interesting I the sharp clarity of the focused rain drop. The lights behind give amazing bokeh too. A fantastic shot
kathyk_abq June 07, 2017
What an exciting, joyful shot! Very nicely done!

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Apr, 2017


The focus of this photograph is one of the multiple streams of water jets shooting upwards at the Ring Fountain in downtown Boston that are synchronized with the lights. I adjusted my focus on the stream of water jet and waited for the next burst to come. As I was composing my shot I noticed this young girl come into the frame through my viewfinder. The next stream of water jet came shooting upwards and I waited for her to gesture and look up while enjoying the cool sprays of water, and clicked my shutter.

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