fireballuke June 04, 2017
How did you get this without it creating star trails?
Alaric_McCarthy June 18, 2017
Hi Lukebuxton. Apologies for the late reply. This is a panorama of 18 photos. Each photo was taken with a 20 second exposure (f2.8, ISO 10000, 24mm focal length). At that focal length, 20 seconds is short enough to reduce star trails.
Jenstew85 June 04, 2017
roblawrence October 28, 2017
Well done one of my favourite places near is Blue lake but this is great. cheers
Alaric_McCarthy November 06, 2017
I haven't yet made it to Blue Lake, but I hear it's beautiful. Definitely on my to do list.

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Apr, 2017

Night skies over Lake Rotoiti

Faint aurora as seen from Lake Rotoiti, New Zealand

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