ovosphotography April 03, 2017
grandpavlad April 04, 2017
Thank you, Ovos!
jamiesarkett April 04, 2017
love this photo :)
grandpavlad April 04, 2017
Thank you, Jamie!
jamiesarkett April 04, 2017
You're very welcome :)
eyzzforu April 06, 2017
very nice shot colorful
grandpavlad April 06, 2017
Thank you, eyzzforu!
florencekennedybulthuis April 06, 2017
grandpavlad April 06, 2017
Thank you, Florence!
mcampi April 06, 2017
Wild house, great POV and shooting it with the leaves really help it look like a fairytale setting..
grandpavlad April 06, 2017
Thank you so much, Mark!
trainwoman April 07, 2017
This a a truly unique little building....Lovely setting
grandpavlad April 07, 2017
Many thanks, Glenda!
claudia_cw April 08, 2017
Das Foto hat was einzigartiges an sich, gefällt mir echt sehr gut.
grandpavlad April 09, 2017
Vielen Dank, Claudia!
LoriFullFrame April 12, 2017
So dreamy
grandpavlad April 12, 2017
Thanks alot, Lorenzo!
ellenellen April 12, 2017
beautiful shot!
grandpavlad April 12, 2017
Thank you, Ellen!
PatrickTas April 17, 2017
Lovely image, in Australia it's an outside toilet gut this is wonderfully made with even a bum bulge.Lovely building with humor nor left out.
grandpavlad April 17, 2017
Thanks for comment, Patrick:))
Kerro April 18, 2017
Looks like an outside toilet from the movie The Hobbit. In keeping with their house shapes.
grandpavlad April 18, 2017
This is the house for garden tools:) Everyone has their own associations:)
Gaydee April 21, 2017
Nice Find ! :)
grandpavlad April 22, 2017
Thank you, Gaydee!
mioyshi April 24, 2017
I really like this capture. The colors, the shape, the feel to it is fun and peaceful all at once. ALso makes me see an expensive out house! Kudos
grandpavlad April 24, 2017
Many thanks for comment, mioyshi!
SoulShutter April 25, 2017
Amazing little building...
grandpavlad April 25, 2017
Thank you, Alan!
snowdon June 01, 2017
Great Finalist Win in Image of the Month vol 21.. congratulations
grandpavlad June 02, 2017
Thanks a lot, David!
chuckrickman June 02, 2017
Fabulous architecture. Love the fall colors.
grandpavlad June 02, 2017
Thank you so much, Chuck!
anthonygerardfoley June 03, 2017
Brilliant color . Beautiful.
grandpavlad June 03, 2017
Many thanks, Anthony!
daleboyce June 06, 2017
I love this!
grandpavlad June 06, 2017
Thank you, Dale!
jamiesarkett June 06, 2017
Congrats Vlad !!! :) :)
grandpavlad June 06, 2017
Tnank you so much, Jamie!
josephbologna June 06, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
josephbologna June 06, 2017
Congratulations on your contest status! A Great Shot!!
grandpavlad June 06, 2017
Many thanks, Joseph!
Parallel June 06, 2017
My congratulations!
grandpavlad June 06, 2017
Thank you so much, Vika&Andriy!
SokieJoe June 06, 2017
Makes me think of an adult portal for the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! Wonderful shot.
grandpavlad June 07, 2017
Thank you so much for comment, Jim:)
hannibalventura June 07, 2017
Congrats:-) well deserved:-)
grandpavlad June 12, 2017
Many thanks, Hannibal!
MetroGies June 07, 2017
Great colors, great comp.
grandpavlad June 12, 2017
Thanks a lot, MetroGies!
davidsloan June 20, 2017
Congratulations,I love it :>)
grandpavlad June 21, 2017
Many thanks, David!
dannad2 June 27, 2017
Cicuta99 July 01, 2017
I love your photos, where do you take them?
grandpavlad July 01, 2017
Thanks for comment, Cicuta! I live in Belarus and this photo was taken in Minsk Botanical garden.
chrismercerimages July 31, 2017
Is that the house that Rudolph mistakenly landed Santa's Sleigh on after he heard the next stop is the Schmidt house?
grandpavlad July 31, 2017
May be, if Schmidt's house located in Belarus:)) Many thanks for your comment, Christopher!
estercastillo08 August 10, 2017
Great capture !! Congratulations on your win, Image of the Month Photo Contest
grandpavlad August 12, 2017
Thank you so much, Estrella!
Mr_serrano August 14, 2017
grandpavlad August 14, 2017
Thank you, Sire!
jloewen August 21, 2017
Great colors
grandpavlad August 24, 2017
Thank you, jloewen!
Comicboy September 05, 2017
Wow, never seen one like this before, where is this?
grandpavlad September 05, 2017
This is in Minsk Botanical garden, Belarus:)
DebbieKMiller81 September 22, 2017
Interesting shape of the outhouse. I like it.
grandpavlad September 22, 2017
Thanks for comment, Debbie! This is the house for garden tools:)
kathyk_abq September 24, 2017
Love this! Faery-tale land!
grandpavlad September 25, 2017
Many thanks, Kathy!
ehershellwest October 01, 2017
Little fairies must love the fall season - very beautiful - the carpet of fallen leaves an unlikely mirror reflection of the yellow/orange color in the trees and on the roof top of the cottage. Nice
grandpavlad October 02, 2017
Thank you very much for your so kind comment, Ehershell!
Alwolfe October 04, 2017
Beautiful photo!
grandpavlad October 04, 2017
Many thanks, Allan!
shaungosling November 07, 2017
What a fantastic looking shed and a lovely photo too.
grandpavlad November 08, 2017
Thank you so much, Shaun!
bunnynaeole December 03, 2017
So adorable, my favorite outhouse ever.
grandpavlad December 04, 2017
Thank you very much, Bunny!
1940mixail77 December 07, 2017
????? ??????.????? ??????? ?????.
It's about to burst from the pressures in there? Nice captures.
grandpavlad Jan 11
Thank you for comment, Steve!
grandpavlad Jan 20
Thank you so much, Coinneach!

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little fairytale house...

Minsk Botanical garden at autumn, Belarus.

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