brettsixtysix February 08, 2017
Brilliant concept my little calamari eater! Love this series! Brilliant photoshop and a very Beautiful mermaid! So happy i caught her! my B.O.O.! :*
Bastetamon February 08, 2017
Thanks a billion, my B.F.G.! I'm so touched and moved by that! :*
Deb-Deb February 12, 2017
Fantastic!! :D
Bastetamon February 13, 2017
Thanks a million!
naomiwomack February 20, 2017
Such a beautiful photo. Very talented photographer, you are! Keep it up. AMAZING.
Bastetamon February 20, 2017
Thanks a million!
Danny_Row March 05, 2017
Epic photography. Truly stunning
Bastetamon March 06, 2017
Thanks a million!
traceybryant March 07, 2017
Bastetamon March 08, 2017
Thanks a million!
brettsixtysix March 31, 2017
Congrats my B.O.O.! So very happy for you! :*
Bastetamon April 01, 2017
Thanks a billion, my B.F.G.! :*
snowdon April 04, 2017
Congratulations on your Finalist Win in Image of the Month Volume 19
Bastetamon April 17, 2017
Thanks a million!
jaynepowell April 15, 2017
Bloody fantastic ( can you teach me please) ;-)
Bastetamon April 17, 2017
Thanks a million! ^_^
Forfarlass May 23, 2017
Brilliant but a bit scary looking. Great work. xx
Bastetamon May 24, 2017
Thanks a million! Have a nice day!
debbyfaz June 28, 2017
Bastetamon June 28, 2017
Thanks a million!
dvcannatelli November 21, 2017
What a great shot
Bastetamon November 22, 2017
Thanks a million!
BarryMiles Apr 21
Bastetamon Apr 21
Thank you so much!

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Feb, 2017

The Little Mermaid

"But I must be paid also," said the witch, "and it is not a trifle that I ask. You have the sweetest voice of any who dwell here in the depths of the sea, and you believe that you will be able to charm the prince with it also, but this voice you must give to me; the best thing you possess will I have for the price of my draught... Put out your little tongue that I may cut it off as my payment..." - "The Little Mermaid" by H.C.Andersen

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