pietnel November 02, 2016
Fantastic well captured
Manoel January 02, 2017
Simply perfect!!
FelixArenas January 02, 2017
Beautiful concept.
annmor January 02, 2017
Beautiful dan!
SuzanneLegere January 02, 2017
Caustin17 January 02, 2017
Great makup, beautiful pictures!
weerasiriabeytunge January 02, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
weerasiriabeytunge January 02, 2017
What is the point in making this type of photographs, everything is artificial and made up!
suzswanson January 12, 2017
Absolutely beautiful! I
markbladeschultz January 14, 2017
Not for nothing...but this image was much better than the one that eventually won image of the month. Outstanding!
miftahulnuriaintan April 28, 2017
AWESOME!! I like this one!
AlanKingUK August 22, 2017
Perfect! no other words needed
adavies August 29, 2017
Awesome! Love it! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Make a Mess portrait challenge:)

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Nov, 2016

Do you want a bite!

I'm a hair & make-up artist, so I try to carry this over into my photography by combining all elements.
This shoot was done for halloween, we have this very old bath tub, i wanted it to be creepy beautiful, I hope i captured that.
Photographer- Jody Cherry ( Exposure Studios)
HMUA- Jody Cherry ( Cherrish Hair & Make-up Artistry )
Model- Amelia Brown.

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