Witmar October 29, 2016
beautiful picture
guidobrandt October 29, 2016
Thanks a lot Witmar!
AliAlzuhair February 07, 2017
Pretty work!
guidobrandt February 07, 2017
Thank you Ali!
Jerry74 February 15, 2017
Really nice shot. Shows the beauty of a hostile place like a desert.
randalpair February 17, 2017
Great lighting/exposure and depth-of-field to illustrate the shapes and far extent of the dunes.
Akhtar November 12, 2017
Beautifully captured
agiftoflove Jan 04

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Oct, 2016

Waves of Sand

My good buddy Ryan Buchanan and I met a few month back in Death Valley National Park for an awesome photo weekend. It was my second time in Death Valley, so there was still plenty to explore, in particular my favorite area - the dunes! We had used the late afternoon to scout a number of compositions, I had settled on this one, Ryan was a few dunes further north. Waiting for the light I had decided to compliment the composition with the 'famous' sunstar generated by the Canon 16-35, one of my favorite lenses. 10 months ago I had dropped it out my camera bag while on a trip in Glacier National Park and it snapped right of the camera in half, heavily missed for the remainder of the trip. Luckily the excellent crew at Canon brought it back o life, so I could produce this image. It still seems to work alright!!

I hope you enjoy!

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Won Curator's ChoiceNovember, 2016

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