jenniferwilliams_8767 October 17, 2015
Another amazing photo of this guy and his friends. You make the toys come alive. Truly inspirational.
AmandaHolowaty November 20, 2015
Your work is gorgeous, and I love this.
ori November 20, 2015
BrunoHeeb November 22, 2015
amazing shot
BrunoHeeb November 22, 2015
amazing shot
Abdussalam December 18, 2015
Wow.... fantasic
Inspire4More December 18, 2015
mmawilkinson82 December 20, 2015
What a wonderful photo! Captures the true magic of a child's friendship with their bear :)
AliAlzuhair December 21, 2015
markstewart_3074 December 22, 2015
Its not often I comment on shots but this image stopped me in my tracks. Stunning composition with beautiful light. Perfect use of DoF and Vignette.

Mark S.
sydneyosbourne December 29, 2015
RusticPines December 31, 2015
Love this photo!
simonaranieri January 18, 2016
ks_pics January 18, 2016
I just saw this image and of course knew right away it was yours! Glad to see you on here too... I just started using this site 2 days ago and still don't know how it works yet, but great seeing your images and your cute little one in this shot! Always love the wonderful stories that unfold through your images! I really believe they are touching people all over the world! Greetings to you and your family... Karie
adrianmurray January 19, 2016
Karie! I finally have your name. It's been elusive for over a year now and I finally have it. haha This is not my most active social media account by any means. Though it's fun to be on here and see where it goes. I prefer instagram or 500px but this one is fun too. Thanks for reaching out to me on here as well, Karie! :) Have a great day!
ArtGirl January 28, 2016
A gem!
sarahdarvill February 05, 2016
You should enter this in my Location Portraits photo challenge!
The link is...
Kajameraimages February 05, 2016
Great shot!! brings a smile to my face everytime I see this photo!
LA-72 March 29, 2016
priceless ??
ArulJothiPriya March 23, 2017
Great job
Paulacook144 March 23, 2017
Lovely story in this image. Well seen and handled.
simonparry June 14, 2017
Wonderful shot..
janlawrencelayag June 20, 2017
Love it!!!

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