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Distortion Photo Contest

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The Port Julia Jetty South Australia.
with a bit of distortion.
Afternoon Sun
Picture that i took of myself on Halloween night.
My First Flower picture in High School
Made me very proud it was in the school
Art Show.
A few ripples in the otherwise smooth water gave this shot a bit of distortion.
Delayed Shutter and zoom in... result, Distortion
Girlfriend walking along London's Regent Canal
green man and friend
There It Is
So Dizzy
Arrr Matey
1944 Jeep was used in WWII and parked at an airport in Idaho.
reupload for rotate image.
Goblin swamp is in the middle of the tallest forest tress it has a mystical feel to it and a bit eery quite easy to get lost in the maze a wonder of t
These hands have stood the test of time the beautiful lady that let me take this shot had just turned 102 years young, so I thought giving the photo a
Rodin Sculpture at Legion of Honor
The Dark Castle
Long Leg
Tilt Shift
Tilt Shift
Preserved for over 45 million years and frozen in time, this fish appears to be dancing with life.
Priscacara, aka Priski
Green River Formation fossil
Dandelion Grab Bar
50mm wide open . on camera flash against living room wall.

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