sarahallegra August 06, 2014
This is so gorgeous! It feels like I've stepped into a dream. Congratulations on your win!
ShawnSaumell August 27, 2016
Thank you, Sarah!
mssunshine February 06, 2017
This photo is truly amazing. Dark and cold blue sky contrasting warm tones in the grass makes it truly special. Good job! Keep up the good work.
ShawnSaumell March 23, 2017
Thank you, Ms. Sunshine!
Michael_Higgins June 15, 2017
What a standout photo, well done.
ShawnSaumell June 15, 2017
Thank you, sir
chrisbelesis September 18, 2018
Amazing capture, very beautiful colors, nice job!

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May, 2014


This photograph was made in Little Elm, TX. I created a tableaux maquette and then photographed twelve frames with my Canon 5D Mark II (150mm macro zoom lens at f2.8, 1/4 sec., ISO 100) and then seamlessly stitched them together.

This photo was an experiment as part of my earths series. For this image, I decided to go with a shallow depth of field to metaphorically blur the lines between image and reality. The inspiration for this image comes from my curiosity to question reality by creating it.

Everyone has his or her own idea of reality. Some realities are physical, some are mental, chemicals distort some, and some are but a mere perception based on a plethora of factors. All, however, are constructs of our minds to some degree. These fictional photographic worlds are not discovered, but rather a constructed utopia of reality. I collect botany and minerals from all over the country during meditative nature walks. In an act of exotic displacement, pieces of this botanic trove are assembled to create maquettes. Where life ends, it is repurposed for another to begin with identity and function. A dialogue between nature mort and human intervention conspires with environmental, spiritual, and esoteric undertones. Images and ephemeral flora are montaged and juxtaposed to produce static theatrical compositions that remain still in time. I digitally brush using a surreal color pallet, contrasted tones, and palpable simulated textures. My painterly process produces fabricated uncanny escapist landscapes. The familiar is cloaked among the unfamiliar in an odd reversed relative scale. Irony is pushed through the use of a manufactured reality in order to understand the physical reality that surrounds us. Philosophy and psychology wrestle in this otherworldly space. Since this does not depict a purely physical reality, the rules of engagement of an assumed reality do not apply, much like the dream world. Inclusions of creatures from the animal kingdom in my tableaus activate the environment to curiously hover between phantasy and reality. This allows viewers to become more involved and engaged, as they locate these visual clues hidden throughout the image. These worlds exist where fact and fiction melds in the shadow of believable and credible photography. As the spectator is questioning the truth and reality of my work, I invite the viewer to question his or her own fragile reality.

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Won Member Selection AwardMarch, 2017
Won FeaturedJune, 2016
Won Staff Winter Selection 2015December, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in Distortion Photo Contest by Focal Press and LensbabyJuly, 2014

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