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Covers Photo Contest

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Trying to stare each other out! :)
Quiraing - Scotland
This photo has not been edited
Old Man of Storr - Scotland
Central Park beauty, magic Fall trees, walking the dog and relaxing on a park bench. This to me is Central Park as I imagined it would be prior to act
Azure seas surround an iceberg in the waters around Antarctica
From the beach of Porto Covo in Alentejo, Portugal, you can see this tiny uninhabited island. The locals call it "Ilha do Pessegueiro" (Peac
The beauty of winter
Tree with bw edit and layered globe
Over the Top
Elephant Ear Plant
An early morning image of the Grand Tetons and clouds over the mountains bathed in the early morning light of sunrise at Mormon Row Barns in Grand Tet
Cormorant fisherman in China, during late sunset
Red Rock Canyon , NV
Sorry! Another grey squirrel
Waves and ice create a beautiful tableau in front of Split Rock Lighthouse in Minnesota!
Lillian 1
I've wanted to shoot the Aurora Borealis for as long as I can remember. On my first night in Iceland I was treated to a KP6 Aurora show that I wi
Taken Dec. 18, 2018 in Carlsbad, CA during  a bout of heavy waves.
Shark and the photographer
In the embrace of winter
Fall colors
Ah! that smile
String of Hearts
Long Beach Lighthouse at sunrise
one of the most amazing puppies I ever met

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