tinamichelebrazzeal March 13, 2017
Love it
_atombomb November 08, 2017
This is simply breathtaking. Love the drama in the photo. Makes me feel small yet humbles me at the same time.
Mary18 November 09, 2017
melissavines36 November 10, 2017
Absolutely stunning
CatWezel66 December 12, 2017
Beautiful ????
AliAlzuhair Jan 01
Pretty work!
Very good
Nick100 Jan 02
The right place at the right time. I enjoy this shot
LowKal Jan 13
amazing scenery ! beautiful image !
Magical photographs
bronxie Jan 28
Amazing photo!
Absolutely stunning photo capture!
traceyfd Jan 28
Just the right amount of softness and light.
Drjekyle Jun 16
This is obnoxiously spectacular...JK. Simply stunning. What a gem. Fantastic work in every aspect. I love it
This picture is amazing.
I reckon this is what the view from mount Olympus would of been like.
Well done
batman0512 Jul 29
Stunning imagery!

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Jan, 2017

Crashing Light

I was scrolling through my portfolio and saw this old image taken during my early years in photography. Memories came flowing in and I can't believe that I've been doing this hobby for 7 years already. This is by far my most memorable photo as it bagged me the poty of in my country’s landscape photography community.

It's my first image taken on my Canon camera after I shifted from a Nikon. Wish I had known how to bracket my exposures and properly nail a sunstar. Was too busy fiddling with the new camera functions! Lol. Well, still not that bad image after applying what I have learned these years. Am so thankful to be part of a community that not only supported me in anything photography related but at the same time, get to meet the people who are now my closest friends.

For you guys who’ve been a part of my journey recently, here’s something looking back at my roots where it all started.

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Won Contest Finalist in Compositions 101 Photo Contest vol4January, 2018
Won Runner Up in My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol 3November, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in My Best Shot Photo Contest Vol 3October, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Rugged Landscapes Photo ContestAugust, 2017

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