Very strong shot! Also good lighting!
AlanJakarta May 09, 2014
Fabulous image. Congratulations.
catini May 09, 2014
Great shot, congrats on your feature!
stephenholdsworth May 09, 2014
Outstanding shot :) Cheers Steve
iceman2 May 09, 2014
Capture-Life May 09, 2014
SOO beautiful ! absolutely love this. :):)
akhtarkhan May 09, 2014
Very nice, woodland beauty beautifully capture. Like the model pose too. Congrats on the feature.
danielmartin May 09, 2014
I agree... Not easy to shoot in the bush.... But you sure get beautiful results!!! Bravo!!
sweetpea72 May 09, 2014
awesome shot...Congrats! :)
meaganopel May 09, 2014
Totally amazing shot! And no does realize that when you see a beautiful image there is usually a photographer neck deep in lord knows what to get the image. Way to take your time and really get this amazing shot!!
LionesLens May 09, 2014
Well said! Congratulations on your award!
bobbynall May 09, 2014
Awesome capture
DanK May 10, 2014
Nice flow!
Sanmi May 10, 2014
Great picture, great work
JosiahMendoza May 12, 2014
Thanks everyone! I always appreciate it
philipbebbington May 13, 2014
Fantastic lighting and composition on this stunning artistic portrait image.Congrats
drakkardarkblade May 13, 2014
fantastic, please check out my works
Jacc May 13, 2014
very nice portrait
IvanBizek June 17, 2014
amazing shot !!
Etna June 22, 2014
Beautiful shot
michaeltillman July 13, 2014
The shot is great, but the model is jaw dropping.
michaeltillman July 28, 2014
My-God what a sexy shot! Great job.
stone12 January 29, 2015
Wow , great dynamic in this shot, great pose too, regards.
GordonD June 18, 2015
congratulationson your award for this image it is fabulous and well deserving :))
jgore72 September 10, 2015
Love this.
ori September 16, 2016
Awesome shot

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Mar, 2014

Beauty Unseen

Some friends and I spent a long, hot day in the forest, to create some great shots in a bluebell field. Ticks, spiders, and gnats, all joined us. People don't grasp the idea of how much work needs to go into shots like this, and I hope this will get more to appreciate our creations.

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