LejlaTabak May 29, 2013
WoW!!! Amazing photo!!!!
jojoxena May 29, 2013
National geo stuff,awesome!
Thimbee May 29, 2013
What a capture!
kasper May 29, 2013
mamma mia. The food chain creates these brutal moments. Great timing and wonderful details.
denbote76 May 29, 2013
what a capture!
isstoossay May 29, 2013
PSJPhotography May 29, 2013
Amazing shot!
JimMiles51 May 29, 2013
Fantastic capture ! excellent timing.
JonHurdWildImage May 29, 2013
Ah learning how to hunt judging by the size of the cheetahs. Looks like they are learning
joebaxter May 29, 2013
Just Amazing!!!!
sweetpea72 May 29, 2013
WOOOOWZA...Amazing!! Congrats!!
jrsosky May 29, 2013
Absolutely amazing! It's one of those shots that I am amazed at yet at the same time you get mixed emotions due to the natural history part of it with both type of animals involved. Outstanding capture.
kavance May 29, 2013
so beautiful, great details and perfect timing!great job!!
jj07957 May 29, 2013
Breathtaking! One of the most Amazing shots i have ever seen,
Well captured! :)
jleiweke May 29, 2013
SarahKeates May 29, 2013
Amazing shot! Congrats!
adoptedone May 29, 2013
Congrats on award!
GBloniarz May 29, 2013
This photo does what it is supposed to do ... stir emotions! Sadly so, but most effectively! Congrats!
Etna May 29, 2013
great shot
bobbynall May 29, 2013
That is a awesome shot, nice job
BrianpSlade May 29, 2013
Quite superb!....well done & congrats....Brian
kasper May 29, 2013
Congratulations, well deserved.
AlanJakarta May 30, 2013
Wonderful well-timed capture of the impending capture. Congratulations on your Award.
Flosno May 30, 2013
Wow wow wow...what a capture...congrats
goober20101 May 30, 2013
great shot.......congratulations
Hari_Subagio May 30, 2013
Tkay May 30, 2013
Wow! Congrats on the well deserved award!
brodia65 May 30, 2013
Wow! amazing shot!
beetlestone May 30, 2013
Congrats on a fantastic capture!
dennisreed May 30, 2013
geez, just awesome
Oksana May 30, 2013
Arzhtatiana May 30, 2013
An amazing shot!
hayleycook May 30, 2013
Feel so sorry for that gazelle, but natures nature, great timing and photo :)
WyoGalPhotography May 30, 2013
Wow! What an amazing photo!! Spectacular capture!! It tugs at my heart strings because you can see the fear in the gazelle's eyes, but that is how nature works and it also makes for a powerful photo.
rmr731 May 30, 2013
Amazing capture! Congrats!
Dimis May 30, 2013
Wonderful shot. congrats.
so beautiful shot
kristimcm May 30, 2013
nathanivie May 30, 2013
Incredible shot congrats
trista7510 May 30, 2013
Nice action shot, congrats!
hwishnick May 31, 2013
Great shot all around. I'm not even going to ask if that poor antelope made it or not. AND DON'T TELL ME! Please visit my site
mardel May 31, 2013
exceptional,,, congrats, a much deserving photo!!!!!
redwriter June 01, 2013
Amazing capture. Congrats. - Jake
sisirakumarabandara June 01, 2013
Great shot..Congrats..
SheilaFaryna June 02, 2013
debrarote June 02, 2013
BriZ June 07, 2013
Wow!! Fantastic capture.
shaunthomason June 20, 2013
A great capture! After visiting Lamar Valley in Yellowstone I learnt that Wildlife photography takes a great deal of patience! This you obviously had to get this superb shot! Well done on the award!
Bridgena_Barnard June 22, 2013
Thanks for all the comments - this was a shot I visualized and tried for years and at a certain stage thought I will never get. Nature is an awesome canvas and I am very lucky to live in Africa...
gunners42 June 24, 2013
Wow....Stunning, Congrats!
KarieLeFebvre June 30, 2013
How awesome that you got to witness this!! Incredible shot and great talent in all of your photos.
iceman2 June 30, 2013
Excellent action capture.Congrats!
hlambourn July 02, 2013
A real live cheetah hunt, and a really great shot
t33tjt July 02, 2013
And what a memory you have. This is an outstanding image worthy of the greatest professional.
Vishwas July 19, 2013
WOW ! Excellent
amb1946 July 20, 2013
Perfect timing!
davidsloan July 20, 2013
I looked at this photo for a long time, it's just amazing. You should be very proud.
kevinadams August 11, 2013
arambecker August 24, 2013
And another beautiful image! I really admire your work and love your gallery. I'm hoping to be able to shots like you in some time as well.
Karine August 24, 2013
Awesome scene!
QHfilly August 24, 2013
fila4 August 24, 2013
Simply amazing!
dangerousdick August 28, 2013
ronjym August 29, 2013
what an amazing shot!! Well done
EWPS September 01, 2013
Cool shot
Richy66 September 16, 2013
Im absolutely gob smacked this is a fantastic shot
francescorusso October 05, 2013
LeeBennett November 07, 2013
elfiedwards November 22, 2013
image & story absolutely mind blowing. surely this image should make you a finalist in the Wildlife Contest! my vote is yours! good luck!
ilmar December 03, 2013
Great capture of a second in time. Voted.
nemethp December 04, 2013
wow...what a capture. Voted
Spijkerboer December 18, 2013
congrats great picture
jamesvcase December 18, 2013
wow completely stunning capture. congrats on that and the win
shema December 18, 2013
fanatastic shot, what an amazing memory!
Aleshorty December 18, 2013
wonderful shot!
MLundberg1 December 18, 2013
This is one of the most amazing photos Ive ever seen! thankyou for sharing it with us all!
jack-frost December 18, 2013
Truly phenomenal shot! Congrats on the shot and the win!
SaketL December 18, 2013
Superb shot amazing moment!
EWLphotography December 18, 2013
great shot
markborinelli December 19, 2013
WOW what more can be said, other than congrats
JBdesign December 19, 2013
WOW, awesome capture and recorded precious memory!!
davidnorris December 19, 2013
Just an amazing photo, and love the story behind the photo as well
Pablo-Klik February 05, 2014
semplicemente bellisima composizione
e davvero un piacere vedere la foto
gondmagdi July 21, 2014
amazing capture !!!!!!!!
barbarabrock September 03, 2014
OMG.....incredible shot!
senka November 23, 2014
wow... amazing shot
gondmagdi December 26, 2014
lunch time !!!!! Excellent capture !!!!!!!!
RhondaMcD December 26, 2014
Outstanding photo - life in the animal world isn't so good though
debbietegtmeier January 07, 2015
For me,this is one of the best action photos on ViewBug, hands down. The timing, focus, composition, lighting, and subject are beyond excellent. Every little bit dirt and dust is perfectly frozen in time and the desperate look of doom and despair on the face of the prey tells precisely what follows this spectacular shot. While I am far from a professional photographer, I do know what I like and I truly LOVE this photo.
georgekoncz January 08, 2015
Unbelievable shot, how lucky can you get????
hibbz January 08, 2015
Stunning image, the best. Well done, to capture the expression on all the animals. Winning shot
labels_30 January 08, 2015
Wow, you even managed to capture the fear in the deer's eyes.
Roussou January 09, 2015
Excellent capture, congrats with being a finalist
brentmorris January 11, 2015
truly a once in a lifetime capture Congratulations
susanneradke January 14, 2015
Unbeliefeable shot - congratulationes! To all of your animal portraits by the way....
arizonadkins January 15, 2015
I feel really bad for "dinner" but this is a fabulous shot - you are very skilled thats for sure!
arizonadkins January 15, 2015
I feel really bad for "dinner" but this is a fabulous shot - you are very skilled thats for sure!
Dacemac January 15, 2015
Amazing! Awesome! Congratulations!
ReneeBlake January 15, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!Fabulous shot ! Congrats !
tinekeziemer January 15, 2015
WOW so powerful!
AlanJakarta January 15, 2015
My previous comment refers. Congratulations on being the Winner.
mafe January 16, 2015
debbietegtmeier January 16, 2015
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR WIN! This was my pick from the moment I saw it!
Bridgena_Barnard January 16, 2015
Thanks Debbie
sebastianmuglia January 16, 2015
F a n t a s t i c ! Wow and timing? Fabulous!
DutchTouch January 16, 2015
Once in a lifetime capture! Amazing1
timlucas January 16, 2015
Honestly, I don't think this could be any better. Its a super image and a standout winner of the 'Capturing the moment' comp.
Rl1956 January 16, 2015
congrats on your win, remarkable image
cmorisset January 16, 2015
Exceptional moment and capture. Bravo and congrats!
Scott_Macfarlane January 17, 2015
UNREAL!! So clean and clear.
Bridgena_Barnard January 18, 2015
Thanks so much for this - I am so pleased due to very tight competition - APPRECIATE ALL THE COMMENTS as well
p_eileenbaltz January 18, 2015
Spectacular! Congratulations.:)
tropicala January 18, 2015
Cette photo est juste incroyable. Vitalité, force et fatalité !
blueberrydragon January 19, 2015
Amazing shot!
rhamm February 06, 2015
Incredible shot.
CWphotos5 February 25, 2015
This is something I'd expect to see in National Geographic!
ImagesByLouisa July 12, 2015
WOW awesome capture and I agree with the above comment
Roussou September 29, 2015
Congrats with another finalist
zshariff September 29, 2015
muradakram September 29, 2015
Damnnnnnnnnnnnn man! what an amazing shoot! Just awesome!
HaliSowle October 01, 2015
What a perfect moment captured. I know it didn't end well for the gazelle but just WOW.
nandicmb October 08, 2015
Congratulations on winning the It is A Wild World Photo Contest!! No other capture could have done better justice to the title of the Contest than this. And I have not come across a more matched photo with the Contest caption than this. The story line is spell-binding and with the image makes for stuff that thrillers are made of!!!
debbietegtmeier October 08, 2015
YES, YES, YES!! Congratulations on winning the It's a Wild World Photo Contest!! I've seen this photo make finals before and could never figure out why it didn't win every contest it was entered in! This is truly a ONCE IN A LIFETIME shot!
yknwt October 08, 2015
Amazing capture!
jessicalillianshipley October 09, 2015
denelson42 October 09, 2015
Awesome photograph no doubt. For those of us that love wildlife, it is cruel and painful to view. Should have been banned!
Atomck1 October 09, 2015
Congrats, amazing capture in an equally amazing gallery. Very nice work!
paulhaydndavies October 09, 2015
great capture Well done
tmlakshmi October 09, 2015
congratulations. incredible capture
tskwelin October 09, 2015
Great photo but can't help to feel sorry for what is about to come....
FaithPhotography October 09, 2015
Watching what was about to happen had to be rough. Great capture.
WildArtist October 09, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
WildArtist October 09, 2015
Wonderful shot!!!
nina050 October 09, 2015
The circle of life captured beautifully. Well done!
vinaysammi October 10, 2015
JRKARTHIKEYAN October 10, 2015
Judahphotography October 13, 2015
great shot
paigephotography November 16, 2015
What a great capture. Great body language between all subjects. The emotion is just......outstanding. the story and life behind it. i would love for you to enter this into my photo challenge called Emotional Body Language. Its for animals and people so a wide diversity. I am looking for photos that speak. I am looking for photos that tell a story. That have great body language and emotion. To find my challenge go to my profile to my challenges to created. Should be the only one there.

I really hope you do join cause this is just amazing
CarlMorgan December 07, 2015
Fantastic timing and focus, well deserved award, and thanx for sharing this incredible moment
catherinethompson April 26, 2016
Stunning shot. Your work is magnificent.
Beardog2003 October 12, 2018
crazy capture

More from Bridgena_Barnard

May, 2013


First Christmas in KTP – Every body were giggling and laughing about soaring temperatures and, sweltering nights, sun burn and what not. Re-assuring myself, and them, that something special is waiting for us.

We were the first vehicle to leave camp. As we were leaving the Kids asked me what is on my Christmas wish list – A Cheetah kill – and a giggle from the youngest let me feel I was maybe to specific. Last mentioned, spotted the Cheetah brothers on the dune sitting up straight.
We are 2 photographers and thus we had to make a u-turn, enabling both of us to focus on the cheetahs. Drips and drabs other vehicles started to arrive and you could see that it was a special day. Every one was dressed – clean shirts, ladies with make-up and friendlier moods every where. We were making small talk with a couple in the vehicle next to us and the next moment the Cheetahs started their stalk – over the road and ran between vehicles towards the riverbed.

Dilemma struck – we were facing the wrong way! With speed and accuracy the driver made a 3 point Turn in a moment of chaos and maneuvered through the fleet of vehicles in reverse facing the riverbed. Window mount still on the other window, 1.7 converter still on the 500 lense, but yet I got the shots. Within seconds every thing was over.

In hind side: Make a specific wish on a special day, don’t order coffee from the passenger waiting for a special moment (the whole Christmas outfit smelled of pure Jacobs). Be aware of oncoming traffic (Vehicles and possible Prey) and be fully prepared for the unexpected!
What are the chances to witness this? One thing is certain: In Africa 100% . Patience and perseverance in sweltering heat paid off and in return we got a memory that will last a life time!

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Won FeaturedAugust, 2016
Won Pro Backpack and TripodOctober, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in It Is A Wild World Photo ContestSeptember, 2015
Won Over $500 in prizesJanuary, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in Capturing The Moment Photo Contest by Focal PressJanuary, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in Wildlife Photography Contest by WestcottDecember, 2013
Won Curator's ChoiceMay, 2013


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