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SnowbunnyPhotography February 04, 2014
Love this shot! Expressive model. Nice capture.
glennhart August 14, 2014
Beautiful....very nice capture
AlanJakarta August 14, 2014
Very nice portrait. Congratulations on being Featured.
MikeHiggins August 14, 2014
Great work with light. Well done.
beamieyoung August 14, 2014
Beautiful Portrait!
CarloMarrasPhotography August 14, 2014
Love the way you shot this pic! Warm tones and face expression are really beautiful!
iceman2 August 14, 2014
Wonderful portrait capture.Congrats!
Masher August 14, 2014
A Very stunning photograph. Congratulations on being featured.
DutchTouch August 14, 2014
Superb image!
enxhipho August 14, 2014
Beautiful !!
devangshah August 14, 2014
naoisekelly August 14, 2014
Excellent shot.... stunningly beautiful model!
gondmagdi August 14, 2014
great shot !
Capture-Life August 14, 2014
Absolutely beautiful... loooove her expressive eyes !! :):) great lighting !
frozenmomentz August 14, 2014
I adore this image!!! The emotion and lighting is spot on ...Bravo
ReneStephen August 14, 2014
Love everything about it. Great work.
catini August 14, 2014
Great portrait, congrats on your feature!
edwinguzman August 14, 2014
I love this! Can I ask what camera and focal length was used? Also what effect if any were used? The effect if any, makes it look a animated. Just great.
Ukiyo-eEntertainment August 14, 2014
This is a beautiful picture and the model is gorgeous, may I have her contact? I think I may have some work for her.
vojce August 15, 2014
clareparsons August 15, 2014
beautiful shot. really mesmerizing.
CherylG August 15, 2014
Gorgeous portrait!!
fotogalmexican August 17, 2014
LoanaLMP August 19, 2014
What a beautiful girl! Great portrait.
BrianpSlade September 04, 2014
A beautiful portrait the edit too I may add....well done and congrats...Brian
Canonfire January 12, 2015
Great composition and beautiful lighting.
Gazzarow January 29, 2015
stunning capture
patrickmarlett February 12, 2015
Absolutely wonderful subject. Beautiful picture, really. She's giving such a simple expression, but it screams so loudly. Thank you for this.
stefy March 09, 2015
I normally don't like posed photographs of people like this especially when they are done in color because they always feel phony and unnatural. This however is excellent. The strait on shot is unique and she feels like a real person and not like she is posing for a photograph. Great job!
MelissaSword March 19, 2015
Lovely Photo, looks like she is on the verge of a smile, you want to keep looking and not miss a thing.
chriswhittington March 28, 2015
beautiful and expressive portrait
michalbakala March 30, 2015
beautiful !!
briandesimone April 06, 2015
wow!!! so beautiful
sarka April 24, 2015
Really toned, dreamy and delicate capture, like almost all your images here. The freckles add a little something too.
Many photographers go for the 'brighter' colours when it comes to images, I love the fact that you go 'darker' in your work.
HappyTree May 23, 2015
Brilliant work!
samuelnunez November 02, 2015
spARTiat_de January 05, 2017
nice picture, well done
MariuszOlszak April 04, 2017
4522_1441 April 19, 2017
This is pure. Love it

hair like fire





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