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trainwoman February 21, 2016
Perfect edit on this gorgeous photo. Can certainly see why you'd want to go back.
mihrt February 21, 2016
really nice painterly effect but not overdone Mark. Really is beautiful. My brother went 2 summers ago, they toured a few different countries. He loved it. I know I would I think anyone who wants to go back to visit Venice better go soon - saw a Documentary that 'they' think it will be underwater within 10 years. I have wanted to go since my 4th grand teacher showed us her slides from a visit there. I never imagined a place could be so fascinating!
Debrazig February 21, 2016
It's been 20 years since my visit to Venice. I hope to go back one day. Gorgeous capture!
NanaSue54 February 25, 2016
Absolutely beautiful Mark!!! :)
sweetpea72 February 25, 2016
I cant wait to go here :)
Flosno February 26, 2016
Nicely edited....of course you have to go back!!!
nina050 February 26, 2016
My favorite city ...can I come with you???
Daisy00 February 27, 2016
WOW...this is gorgeous, Mark!!
Capture-Life February 29, 2016
you NAILED this one, Mark! :):)
JulesB March 03, 2016
You couldn't have done this any better....excellent job Mark or should I say, Leonardo !!! Hehehehehehe!! (*_*) (*_*)
rmr731 April 08, 2016
This is so cool! I want to go! Great snap!
CireTheMagnificent April 12, 2016
My bag is packed; I'm ready for the journey!
kathyk_abq May 14, 2016
This is just gorgeous, Mark! Wonderful scene - so Venice, and great edit - love it!
estercastillo08 August 21, 2016
Absolutely beautiful !! Venice

Water Streets

Surreal Venice ... my first visit. I am going back...

Surreal Venice ... my first visit. I am going back...
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