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elainegill4 April 29, 2016
Fantastic pic
Marcin_Rutkowski September 11, 2017
i'm glad You enjoy :)
ReneeBlake May 01, 2016
Made me smile :)
Marcin_Rutkowski September 11, 2017
oh, its so nice to read this! thanks!
rmr731 May 12, 2016
Love love love this! Love your gallery!
Marcin_Rutkowski September 11, 2017
thanks! i love to hearing this !:)
joyrensch September 10, 2017
Beautiful story and photo.
Marcin_Rutkowski September 11, 2017
in every my pic i try to tell some story. I'm really happy you noticed this :)
jaimgirl September 11, 2017
Fantastic picture! I love everything about it! And the dog looks so happy! Great job
Marcin_Rutkowski September 12, 2017
thanks! i hope you visit my page some time :)
kellyannelucymoran September 12, 2017
Love love this photo! I was trying to capture bubble pictures, any tips for an amiture?
Marcin_Rutkowski September 14, 2017
hey ! I'm glad You like it ! hmm tips. First of all, in my opinion the most important is that how you imagine the picture. i always draw the frame before i make a photo. Its helps me very much, cause i don't need waste my time to think how it should looks like. In this case i use bubbles gun for kids, because i need many, small bubbles. I advice to use soft, sunset light, its really help. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask :)
adavies September 14, 2017
Love this! So fun! Beautifully done! :)
ChristyRStanford September 15, 2017
Oh My Goodness! I love love love this! Normally when I see bubble photographs, it has young children but this with the dog is just stunning! The scenery, colors and tones are all perfect. Keep up the amazing work.
Marcin_Rutkowski September 16, 2017
kathyk_abq September 19, 2017
So delightful!!! Congrats on your people's choice award!
ninanedelcheva January 06, 2018
Great pictures ????

bubbles everywhere !





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