Jnetf4 March 05, 2016
Great shot!
Welcome to View Bug.
nikonkat March 05, 2016
Really spectacular shot. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
pjbell_1949 March 09, 2016
Exquitsite! Welcome to VB. Looking forward to more posts!
blhartman March 09, 2016
Welcome to VB.
bpoimbeauf March 09, 2016
Welcome to the Bug.
EricKoth March 18, 2016
Just amazing
evelynbrezina April 10, 2016
Breathtaking shot! Congratulations and welcome to view bug. Hoping aswell to see more of your work!
Ove_Christensen April 24, 2016
Wonderful capture. Welcome to View Bug. Looking forward to seeing more of your images. Thanks for sharing.
mle555 April 26, 2016
Welcome to VB! Beautiful shot. Love to see more pics too. Was this photo taken in the Edmonton area?
chuck54 April 26, 2016
Just an awesome photograph!!!!!!!!
suedoughertyoffleash April 26, 2016
Hey Aaron!!! Great Shot!!!! My snowy with the eyes through the wings has done well here!!!!!! See you soon!!!
Ozbod54 April 27, 2016
Amazing capture
PaulmCoombes April 27, 2016
All i can say about this photo is AMAZING
oldfart April 27, 2016
geagaetanidaragona April 27, 2016
Great shot! Welcome to Viewbug :)
Mmallow April 27, 2016
Wow! Amazing capture! Welcome to Viewbug
jayconnors April 28, 2016
Outstanding Image!!!
sreeram19 April 28, 2016
Amazing Capture :)
cjaimaging April 29, 2016
Incredibly awesome shot!!
adavies April 30, 2016
Great capture! Nicely done! Welcome to ViewBug! Looking forward to seeing more:)
nataliagomez April 30, 2016
Simply amazing! Great Shot!!
whakaekemauriora April 30, 2016
Beautiful....welcome to View Bug
LoriBea May 01, 2016
Absolutely spectacular! I hope this is in a frame on your wall at home...
NatashaT May 01, 2016
JordanSuter May 01, 2016
georgous shot. well done
valeriepullom May 01, 2016
Great Capture!
Steve_Thomas May 02, 2016
What an amazing shot!
MatthewKou May 03, 2016
Amazing capture!
KMHalaska May 16, 2016
Breath taking. Congrats on being a finalist, a very worthy shot!
SueDela May 25, 2016
judithstopforth June 03, 2016
Stunning capture!
kathyk_abq June 17, 2016
Wow! Awesome detail - beautiful!
tinabulley August 13, 2016
excellent shot,good timing
RosaDawn September 05, 2016
amazing action shot
nwilkie2010 September 08, 2016
Awesome shot of the action.
Aontacht September 08, 2016
Beautiful shot
rodneydyson September 08, 2016
stunning capture
SterieAlexandru September 09, 2016
Good job!
Choralone September 12, 2016
i adore owls, this photo, is probably one of the most beautiful i have ever seen of one in flight. amazing capture!
ARQStudiosUS January 06, 2017
DebbieKMiller81 January 06, 2017
What an amazing capture.
StevenD January 07, 2017
Absolutely amazing!
Gabriele69 January 07, 2017
emilymcneill January 07, 2017
Amazing shot. Fantastic wingspread!
Workerbee2017 January 09, 2017
Unbelievable image! Was this taken up in Alaska?
aaronbaggenstos January 09, 2017
Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments. I took this photo while leading our annual snowy owl photo tour in Alberta. If you are interested check out the details:
rushewallace January 25, 2017
samanthaferri February 02, 2017
Oh my god wow
JanelouisePhotographyUK February 08, 2017
StephenSPotterPhoto February 21, 2017
Well done!
marleneblake March 02, 2017
thunderlake March 03, 2017
Absolutely amazing image!!!
Twilightgirl March 08, 2017
I love both of your images. I live on the West Coast and was planning on going to Alberta this winter to photograph Owls, just ran out of time and wasn't sure where the best place was to find them. I would still love to do it. Your shots are spectacular!!!
christinestaudtmanjerico April 08, 2017
andrewjchisholm May 13, 2017
Stunning photo of a great snowy owl
EmileV June 17, 2017
Wow great shot
mlee965 August 17, 2017
Klk828061309 September 15, 2017
Wow very majestic????
KSMesser Feb 19
what an amazing shot!

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Mar, 2016

Arctic Angel

Wild Snowy Owl taken in Alberta, Canada.

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