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JeffreyA October 17, 2013
Great shot
kasper December 09, 2013
symesie04 December 09, 2013
Majestic creature. What a shame to him caged. Nice shot.
WileKyK December 09, 2013
Fantastic shot! Congratulations!
daniellepowell December 09, 2013
love this well done
AlanJakarta December 09, 2013
Fabulous sharp & detailed close-up portrait of this majestic lion. Congratulations.
rmr731 December 09, 2013
Stunning capture! Congrats on your Feature!
drakkardarkblade December 09, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please look at my works
heathermcfw December 09, 2013
he does look sad, nice clean, sharp shot
catini December 09, 2013
Great sharpness, congrats on your feature!
joyceannwilliamscarr December 09, 2013
he's beautiful but looks so sad
iceman2 December 09, 2013
Excellent focus in this beautiful shot.Congrats!
snowdon December 09, 2013
Fabulous detail and colour. Good expression, almost makes you want to give him a cuddle....... where has my arm gone? Congratulations on your feature, brilliant !
michaelow December 09, 2013
Great shot....congratulations!
hesperus December 09, 2013
Thank You All :) God bless You.
sweetpea72 December 09, 2013
Awesome capture...Congrats! (:
toxictabasco December 09, 2013
Nice photo. Well done.
gaz December 09, 2013
So sad to see the king of the jungle looking so broken
BowmanLifeStudios December 09, 2013
Beautiful Portrait, I think his Eyes tell his story... Nice Capture!
stephanieveronique December 09, 2013
Beautiful portrait
heavenshiaraleanneaughton December 09, 2013
Great shot love the highlights in his mane ! :)
phspanky December 09, 2013
Great feature shot, congratulations.
princessdi6305 December 09, 2013
Stunning capture..his expression just draws you in.. Congratulations..
TheSprungers December 09, 2013
Beautifully Composed!
nerophoto December 09, 2013
Gorgeous!!!!!The detail is amazing...I feel like I could reach out an pet him!!! Congrats on your feature!!!
Picture-It-All December 09, 2013
Amazing capture! A very well deserved congrats on your photo feature.
brendachildersmerritt December 09, 2013
Beautiful Shot!
photosue50 December 09, 2013
This is a beautiful shot, with a great thought behind it, congrats.
brentmorris December 09, 2013
The eyes have it!
parthgupta December 09, 2013
Amazing detail mate.
Love it!
jleiweke December 10, 2013
NikonBrand December 10, 2013
Great Capture and detail!
redwriter December 10, 2013
Great shot & detail. Congrats. - Jake
Minediie December 10, 2013
Congrats !
Minediie December 10, 2013
Congrats !
hesperus December 10, 2013
Thank You Everybody :)
lisalsilva January 17, 2014
conniesnow May 13, 2014
I agree with your interpretation. His eyes have so much to say....so much longing to run free.
rmr731 August 27, 2014
Congrats on being a finalist!
Capture-Life September 14, 2014
SOO handsome!!
vbpbeetschen1305821 September 22, 2014
KatieMcKinneyPhotography December 11, 2014
Fantastic shot! I would love if you could join my photo challenge "African Animals" If you have a hard time finding it you can get to it from my profile under challenges then click created. LOVE your work!
LucyLoo January 14, 2015
Very beautiful indeed. Gorgeous comp. lighting and Lion's expression. Congratulations. :-D (As I haven't seen the Zoo in Hungary, I don't know what conditions he has to live in, I thought maybe I'd write a note of comfort here: it is unlikely he will have ever seen the plains of Africa, as most Lions in Zoos are from generations who've also been in Zoos. He may well be bored, but if he has a partner, life is maybe not so bad. Of course Zoos are never ideal, but Lions fall under the severly threatened species nearing extinction. Zoos help to maintain their species, so this wonderful Lion is a crusader and a hero, helping younger generations (humans) learn the importance of saving these magnificent creatures. You have done him proud with your gorgeous photo. :-D )
Steve_Berry January 29, 2015
Great shot of a sad prisoner.
ShifraG February 22, 2015
Fantastic work!! Congratulations!!
clem April 16, 2015
another fantastic shot, you can convey emotion, in your images, you must be a pro?
richardanderson April 23, 2015
vogelsandra May 06, 2015
JanStaes June 15, 2016
Wow, I'm impressed. Great shot!
tetvet July 17, 2016
nice shot, great detail
Mind_ovr_matter December 08, 2016
Nice shot!!!
Jknauf May 21, 2018
Brilliant photo!

The captive King

I took this photo in the Zoo of Nyíregyháza, Hungary. The old lion was so sad... I think he resigned with his destiny... Maybe his toughts went back to th...
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I took this photo in the Zoo of Nyíregyháza, Hungary. The old lion was so sad... I think he resigned with his destiny... Maybe his toughts went back to the plains of Africa...
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