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KayBrewer June 04, 2015
just pining away in paradise . . . .
Wizzard June 05, 2015
Love the POV and it is one angle I like to shoot trees from as well!.Wonderful canopy which takes me right up to that beautiful and cloudy blue sky!! I am so enjoying the view!!
rmr731 June 05, 2015
Love this cool pov!
DorisSeybold June 06, 2015
cool capture!!
Pixelhuntr June 06, 2015
You went and did it again.....
Another "Sigh" Award !
Thank you
WVHillbilly June 07, 2015
I did tree work for about 10 years, I sure miss the early morning sun on your face with the dew still on the ground, watching the ever greens sway in the wind from a mountain top..this captures that sensation perfectly my friend...Love the angle as well Steph and with the sun peaking through it makes this one perfection...:)
RAPJones June 07, 2015
We've both done a couple of these wonderful trees now... I love the sun and its position in this shot. Top banana and great DOF :))
DawnGagnon June 08, 2015
I love these "uptree" photos, did that sound right? Anyhoo I love them..
SaraSwati-Dimensions June 08, 2015
Adore it! :)
Esilva77 June 09, 2015
Great shot
GigiJim08 June 19, 2015
Interesting POV, voted celebrating nature!
Wildslater June 21, 2015
Love the view!
estercastillo08 June 25, 2015
Excellent, voted Celebrating Nature

Piney Perspective….. ❤

<b>i LOOVE trees and capturing them…and THIS is my personal favorite angle to shoot!</b> :):)
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<b>i LOOVE trees and capturing them…and THIS is my personal favorite angle to shoot!</b> :):)
Advice from a Tree -- Stand Tall and Proud -- Go Out on a Limb -- Remember Your Roots -- Drink Plenty of Water -- Be Content With Your Natural Beauty -- Enjoy the View .… :):) ❤
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